It's that time of year when more people than ever are applying for new jobs. With students having just graduated from University and the rest of us getting that mid-way through the year feeling there's a good chance you've had one eye on job listing websites recently.

And we all know that the most important thing when applying for a new job is first impressions. Whether it's your CV or your covering letter they need to represent not only why you're perfect for the role at hand but also some of your unbeatable personality.

Which is why we thought we'd show you these, some of the funniest covering letters ever. From poor spelling to hand writing your effort and taking the whole self-confidence thing to the next level some of these are utterly brilliant and should give you some tips on how not to go about applying for a job...

funniest covering letters

Hitting the nail on the head of why most of us apply for any job is Samantha. Who rightly points out that the company need an employee and she needs money to pay her bills and keep eating. At least she's honest...funny_resume

This first letter is genius on just too many levels. 'Not when you got my FACTS' has to be the single greatest thing anyone has ever written on a covering letter and the arrogance exuded in what he's written will probably never be equalled.


We like this one because not only is it hand written it's also from a 6 year old boy who sites his experience has running his own toy train tracks. Even if it was written on the advise of a pushy parent who hoped it would end up on a list like this one day it still melted our hearts reading it.


This one is great because the applicant has done exactly what people are always told to do, seeking out opportunities when no other work is around.






This man sites his qualities as have cat like reflexes and being able to moon walk which we're sure any employer would find admirable but it's the part where he puts himself down as a reference followed by the word 'Holla!' that really impressed us.