bad-eyebrow-tattooDo you have an unsightly blotch somewhere on you? An exciting idea when you were a teenager, now not to much? If you want to get a tattoo removed then look not further than City Tattoo Removal who are offering free consultations and removal patches.

As the number of people with tattoos grows and grows so too must be the number of people who are changing their minds. Those living with a now unwanted tattoo are being invited to fully explore their options for tattoo removal by one of London’s most respected laser treatment clinics.

City Tattoo Removal offers a range of highly effective laser tattoo removal treatments and has recently invested in additional state-of-the-art lasers, giving it a full range of dedicated tools designed to lift any colour for beautifully clear skin. The clinic now boasts no less than three laser tattoo removal machines, capable of lifting all removable colours of ink. Many clinics operate with just one laser, which means more sessions are needed to clear the ink from the skin, with some colours not able to be lifted.

M Maclean, Senior Nurse said, “We treat around 130 patients a week who have a tattoo that they no longer want. With over two decade’s laser treatment experience, our team is incredibly skilled and the results speak for themselves. We know that there are many reasons that clients may decide that they no longer want a tattoo and many will have lots of questions about the removal process so all staff are trained extensively in the art of laser tattoo removal. Our free consultation is available without an appointment, meaning it’s possible to discuss removal options and ask any questions before deciding whether or not to go ahead.”

In addition to the free consultation available six days a week without an appointment being needed, City Tattoo Removal also performs a free patch test. This test shows suitability of the treatment and can help to alleviate fears such as whether or not the laser will be painful.

Laser tattoo removal works by having a laser applied to the skin, bypassing the top layer and being absorbed by the ink. Different wavelengths of light are used to precisely target the different colours within the tattoo, allowing for extremely effective removal. The laser breaks down the tattoo into microscopic particles, which the body’s immune system them carries away. Older tattoo removal procedures involved painful skin grafts, while laser removal can be likened to the feeling of an elastic band being flicked against the skin.

City Tattoo Removal’s laser tattoo removal is suitable for most areas of the body we warn you though - it hurts much more than the initial tattoo! To find out more click here.