Jet smarter

Introducing  the just launched, JetShuttles from JetSmarter – London’s first ‘single-seat’ private jet service, which is giving Londoners the chance to book themselves on a private jet flight…for as little as £520* a flight for non-members.

Dubbed the UberPool of the skies, JetShuttles is a revolutionary new service that will allow Londoners to purchase a single seat on any morning or evening flight, giving them efficient and cost effective ways to travel in and out of the city from other business hotspots across Europe on a regular basis.

To mark the launch, three new routes have been launched from London to Paris, Nice and Geneva, with many more set to be announced in 2016. Bookable from the 22nd March, each new route currently offers return flights (morning and evening) three to four times a week, potentially paving the way for private jet commuting in the not too distant future.

Frequent flyers can become JetSmarter members for an annual cost of £6,256 a year, and within this cost, they’re able to book as many JetShuttles flights as they want. To put this into context, it’s cheaper than buying a 12-month rail travelcard between Birmingham and London, costing £10,628**, meaning many long-distance commuters could trade in the trains for the luxury comfort of a private jet.

Reservations for the JetShuttle service in Europe are available now for flights starting on March 22nd, can be made through the JetSmarter app, available for iOS and Android devices. For more information on JetSmarter or to become a member, visit

About JetSmarter

JetSmarter is a mobile marketplace that offers instant pricing and availability for private jets worldwide.  The application democratizes the private jet industry by decreasing the entry price for consumers, and helping air carriers gain more exposure within the market. By eliminating the middle man when it comes to booking a private jet, this app takes the process into the future with simplicity and ease. The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android. For more information, please visit

*Based on current JetShuttle flight costs available on the JetSmarter

**Based on the calculations on National Rail’s season ticket calculator: