We may have just hit the Autumn equinox but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to sun. If you can’t quite accept that winter is on it’s way in the UK you can find highs of 40C after a 6 and a half hour flight to Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf.

It’ll cost you around £300 to fly to this historic nation, the centre of major trade routes since antiquity. In the capital, Manama you’ll find busy souks full of spices peals, amazing carpets and hand woven fabric (interior lovers up your baggage allowance now).

Fraser Suites Seef Bahrain are a great option for accommodation, right next to Manama and just a short trip to the Bahrain National Museum where you can learn the fascinating history of the Portuguese and Persian Past of the city.

Other must visit historical sites are the crumbling ruins of the old Dilmun civilizations, the mighty fortress of Qalat Al Bahrain, and for more recreational activities look no further than famous scuba diving sites and quaint desert towns spotted across the country.

Here are our top tips when in Bahrain:

  • Traditional Arabic coffee is regularly served in cafes in it's original form - that means no milk and no sugar, drinking coffee is part of important rituals in Bahrain. When you drink it take the cup in your right hand and always accept two cups (one will embarrass the host, while three will embarrass everyone else).
  • Bahrain is very permissive when it comes to alcohol, but public intoxication is illegal and is often severely punished so be respectful and be careful.
  • Most restaurants add a service charge between 10 and 15 percent, so tipping is usually unnecessary. Also, avoid tipping taxi drivers as they often overcharge foreigners.
  • Be aware of the dates you're travelling - For example Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours throughout the holy month of Ramadan. It is important for visitors to respect this tradition by not eating, drinking, or smoking in public throughout the month.