Vixen and Blush hair extensions london

How many of us are unhappy with our hair lot? A lot? Yes, we thought so. Well good news, Vixen and Blush salon is ready and waiting to change all that.

Vixen and Blush has just opened up a second London salon, the first was, and still is in Clapham and the second and newest addition is now in Shoreditch, Hoxton Street to be precise. Armed with an extremely talented and friendly staff that salon is the answer to your hair prayers - whatever those might be, from a longer, thicker natural look to an over the top and fantastical mermaid meets My Little Pony tale.

The salon does both extensions, headed up by Sarah McKenna the owner and founder of V&B - which are affordable, of many different lengths and different hair types which are half price when you come to have them re-fitted (amazing) and colour. The colour is overseen by Susan with her own brand, Gilbert at Vixen and Blush, Sussan is a colour whizz and not only makes up all her own hair friendly colour mouses but also knows exactly how to get a colour just right and with just that little hint of difference that will leave you wowing yourself in the mirror time and time again.


You can spend near on a full day at Vixen and Blush and come out a new woman, and with a friendly atmosphere - you can even take your laptop if you like and use their WiFi- and plenty of snacks and drinks, you'll feel like your hanging out at a friends rather than nursing a numb bum in a salon.

If you have ever been toying with the idea of extensions then now is the time to try them and Vixen and Blush is the place to have them put in. With prices starting at around £300 and then at £150 for refits you really can't go wrong. Put by £100 a month and you're there with minimal bank pain as extensions last 3 months.

194 - 196 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch, N1 5LH

593 Wandsworth Road, Clapham, SW8 3JD