ill manorsThe rain is pouring and there's no end of trouble on the tube so if you're planning to escape it all with a trip to the cinema this week here's our guide of the best films to see this week...

iLL Manors:

First reviews of Plan B's directing debut iLL Manors have been fantastic so if you're going to see one film this week we suggest that this is it. Starring some brilliant British talent and backed up by a fantastic sound track iLL Manors follows six interlocking stories in the Forest Gate area of London. Expect fighting, cockney slang, guns, tower blocks and lots of swearing.

Watch the trailer here.

Casa De Mi Padre:

Fans of Will Ferrell will have been waiting for some time now to see how his first ever Spanish film has turned out and now this is your chance to judge it for yourself. Entirely spoken in Spanish (although obviously there are subtitles) Ferrell plays one of two brothers who are not only caught up in a love triangle but are also trying to save their fathers failing ranch.

Watch the trailer here.

Fantastic Fear of Everything:

Fantastic Fear of Everything sees Simon Pegg taking on a dark, more serious role for perhaps one of the first times in his career. Pegg plays a children's writer who decides to turn his hand to something more exciting, writing about London's most notorious serial killers. However as his research and work intensifies he finds himself unable to even leave his flat.

Watch the trailer here.