Vauxhall Ampera Canal Commission

Yes you heard that right. A film is about to be shown on a wall of water, sounds crazy right? But surely that’s what London’s all about – just when you think you’ve seen it all something knocks that thought out the window.

This latest art work comes from the artist Max Hattler and you can see it yourself this week rising out of Regent’s Canal.

The film,, commissioned by Vauxhall Motors, is all part of the The Vauxhall Ampera Season which is going on at the moment at The Filling Station in Kings Cross.

So how exactly does it work? Good question. Apparently there’s a hydro screen put up across the canal and the film you’re about to see is described as a “psychedelic geometric ballet”.

Now although I’ve no idea what that should look like, the thought of a film being projected onto a high-powered jet of water rising to a 10x15 meter screen sounds pretty awesome.

Free showings are every hour between 8-10pm until 16 September and after that it’ll all disappear, never to be seen again.

This video of the water screen in action is a little taster here of what you’re in for.