Iridient: Bursting Soap Bubbles by Fabian Oefner, Zurich, Switzerland - Jul 2012From bubblehotdogs to bubble art today as we stumble across the work of Fabian Oefner.

These amazing images are simply photographs of soap bubbles bursting after they come out of a sugar dispenser.

Fabian Oefner bubbles

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner with his perfect timing reminds us that absolutely everything is stunning when caught happening in slow motion or as a still.

Oefner uses special lighting techniques to capture the bubble's rainbow of colours as the bubble is actually clear without colour of its own.

Oefner commented "With this series of images, I was trying to capture the beauty of these short-lived sculptures, which consist of 99% air and actually do not have any colour at all."

Just as cool are his series of bursting coke cans and light bulbs.

Below are some more examples of high speed photography at its best.

HIgh speed photography waterhigh speed photography paint 2high speed photography bullet through cardhigh speed photography bubble pophigh speed photography paint