Addison Groove Headhunter

Addison Groove (Headhunter), the Bristol based dupstep DJ has done an exclusive mix for Fly 53 who has been very busy of late (you can listen to the remix below).

Not only have they been putting some finishing touches to their new zine coming soon they have also launched a new line of graphic print Ts which we're loving.

The collection is called deconstructed Americana and Ts within it take worn and faded icons of Americana glamour and mix them all up to be spat back out ( in the most attractive way possible) onto their great fitting, soft cotton Ts.

Bad penny fly53 T

Our favourite is ‘Bad Penny’ is a slick black and white design but with nods to chaos theory and a beautiful lady with a Joker style makeover. Traditional approaches to beauty are looked at again with the FLY53Boy t-shirt; we doubt she’s what Heff had in mind, but with the deconstructed look at his infamous magazine, we’re sure he’ll have time for this.