Have you heard the latest from those clever Disclosure brothers? No? Well you're in for a treat, because they've also just dropped some visuals to the track, which arguably, make it even better.

Some beautiful people doing amazing things in this video - we can't stop watching it.

The track is sure to be a summer smash, with big brit talent Eliza Doolittle coming out of the woodwork to feature. Gorgeous vocals, and incredible lyrics. Our favourites? "In your big house on the hill, where you keep your dollar bills..." and "Home is where the heart is, and i gave it to you in a paper bag. Even though it's tarnished, you told me it's the best you ever had. You got my secret combination, and i don't be giving that up easily." Gorgeous, lovely; the ecstacy of being in love.

Eliza has the voice, Disclosure have the beats. It's  win/win combination. We're happy.