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This week sees Wiley, Rizzle Kicks, Naughty Boy and Nicole Sherzinger naming their favourite top 40 tracks of all time! You won't believe Wiley's choice and Naughty Boy has given us all a sneaky little insight into plans for his upcoming 'new sound... we've got some exlusive snippets for you, so read on up and get your popular music fix!

Wiley: Wiley chose a very surprising song with Kylie's 'Tears On My Pillow' - "I was about 7 years old at a youth club disco and I fancied a girl there, ever since then it's been one of my favourite songs!"

Rizzle Kicks chose R.Kelly's 'Remix To Ignition as their favourite song of all time.
Naughty Boy: "Ace of Base's 'All That She Wants' is one of the best pop songs ever! Someone should really revisit that sound, actually I shouldn't say that, I'm just going to revisit it myself. That great 90s sound could really come back in a big way!"
Nicole Sherzinger: "I love Bob Marley's '3 Little Birds' because I don't want to worry about a thing I want to pretend I'm on an island somewhere chillaxing, catching some rays and feeling good'
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