Do you dream of working from home? Are you stuck in a 9-5 that just doesn’t inspire you? Or maybe you’re wondering how you can fill your time whilst the little ones are napping? Many of us dream of having our own little business; we all hear of incredible success stories where a huge multi million pound business began at a kitchen table. Or maybe you just want to work for yourself, and have a little extra income? Whatever your dreams might be, don’t wait on them anymore, why not make 2019 the year that you finally make a start on your future.

You don’t have to have a small fortune to start a business or have investments to fall back on – click the link to find out more about the latest in investments – all you need is a little time, a plan and determination to see it through. Read on for 5 start-up businesses you could start at home.

Cake making

Who knew you could make money from your delicious bakes? If you have a creative flair in the kitchen and simply love creating beautiful cakes, tray bakes and cupcakes, then why not charge for your services? From boxes of cupcakes for Valentines day, to made to order birthday cakes and even wedding cakes too. If you feel like you need to brush up on your icing skills, then you can always take a course or follow some simple YouTube tutorials until you’re feeling more confident.


Is there anything more straightforward? Anyone can make money from cleaning, whether you start small and help an elderly neighbour or a busy mum for a couple of hours, or you take it to the next level and start cleaning offices and workspaces. All you need is some cleaning equipment and a means of transportation to get started.

House sitting

Many people don’t like the idea of leaving their home empty whilst they’re away on holiday and that’s where house sitters come in. House sitting requires a lot of trust, so you’ll need to build a bit of a following and a reputation before potential clients enquire about your services. Start with the houses of friends and family and get them to leave you a review on your social media pages. You’ll soon see interest from new clients!

Dog walking

With so many commitments and work getting in the way, many people struggle to find the time to walk their dogs, turning to dog walkers instead. If you love dogs and enjoy getting out and about, then this job is one you’ll enjoy. Again, start by building a reputation via your friends and family’s pets first on your social media pages.


If you enjoy taking photographs and are pretty confident with a camera, then why not look into photography? From nightclubs, to birthday parties, even weddings and business shoots, people will pay good money to have special moments captured. Try enrolling in a photography course in your chosen field to brush up on your skills.