xbox-oneThere is a mean old hack trick going on with the XBox One. As some may or may not know certain consoles can be hacked to play pirate games and once a new console comes out the race is on to find out how to do it and share that information. This specific hack promised to allow the XBox One to play older games. Something it can't do in its new state - and something that was a little mean of XBox to make sure of.

But this hack totally buggers up your console so don't do it.

6 steps shown in a graphic shared on 4Chan were suggested to allow your XBox One to play old games. What it actually does is render your Xbox One completely useless, and unfortunately the damage is irreversible.

Much like many things online - use your common sense people, believing this hack is a little illy but some of you believed that iOS7 made your phones waterproof, information for which came from the same source. Use your brains.