Shoreditch 6Old street has had a new type of Graffiti come its way in the form of geeky coded messages probably only readable to someone that knows a fair bit about computer code.

It's being touted as the world’s most complex graffiti and it includes code messages and imagery of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing dominating its landscape. These few in London are the first of a set that will appear across the country, the imagery will all feature legendary code breakers and technological minds of past and present.

The eye-catching graffiti, contains as yet un-deciphered binary decimals, challenging all who come across it to break one of the oldest forms of secret communication and work-out what exactly it means.

Commissioned by Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival and school for code-cracking, anyone who successfully deciphers the code will then have to enter it on their website, to have the chance to win two tickets to attend the event.

Mixing raw graffiti with complex binary decimals, these visual contradictions are set to spring up in London, Manchester and Birmingham as we work our way towards the launch of Campus Party at The O2 on September 2nd.

As London's business hub begins to be more and more dominated by tech and media businesses events like these are becoming more and more prominent.

Much like the main protagonist of the artwork, Campus Party will see some of Europe’s finest minds descend on the UK for the unique festival between 2-7th September. The event will excite 10,000 young people per day about the possibilities of new and emerging digital and technological trends. Campus Party is aimed at people interested in digital technology and how it is helping to define and shape modern culture and society, as well as, techpreneurs, hackers, developers, gamers and geeks.

Find out more information on the graffiti, to try and break it or to purchase tickets for Campus Party visit here.