Fire Risk Assessment- This is an assessment method that helps evaluate the possibility of fire breaking out in a building or premises. It is conducted by evaluating all the activities in the said premises that can trigger the occurrence of fire. Every building that is used by many people should have a fire risk assessment.

As a business owner or the building owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure that fire safety measures are put in place. This assessment should be carried out by experts from a reputable and certified company such as the London fire risk assessments . Here are reasons why you should conduct fire risk assessment:

  1. It is a legal Requirement

The law requires all businesses to have a mandatory fire risk assessment. All the employees should undergo the basic fire safety training. The fire risk assessment should be updated regularly. A 12-month interval from the last assessment.

  1. Identify Fire Risks

There are always fire risks in our premises and this keep changing from time to time. There are papers, oxygen tanks, chemicals used for cleaning and other fuel. The assessment will help identify any gases in the building that can possibly trigger fire. Based on these findings, you can now take the necessary precautions and prepare an emergency plan.

  1. Prevent Loss of Life

The aftermath of fire accidents is devastating. People lose their lives while others are left with fatal injuries. Mostly, when a fire breaks out in a building, people are confused and do not know what to do. When a fire risk assessment is done, people can have an evacuation plan and can detect fire emergency early and save themselves. It ensures everybody in the building is protected, should a fire break out.

  1. Prevent Loss of Property and Business

When a fire risk is detected, it will be contained early before causing much damage. Early damage limitation can be put in place to reduce the spread of fire. This will minimize the damage to the property and the destruction of your business.

  1. Maintenance and Servicing

During the fire risk assessment, the fire equipment in the building will be checked to ensure they are in proper working condition. The fire expert can replace or service the faulty equipment. They should always remain in proper working condition. Additionally, regular checking enables you save money. Instead of replacing the whole fire system, you can just replace and repair the faulty ones.

  1. Instils Confidence At Work Place

People are confident working in a building where they are assured of their safety. Fire risk assessment gives the people using the premises that kind of confidence. The vulnerable people, such as those confined on wheelchairs, children, sick or pregnant are confident that they will be safely evacuated in case of anything.

For any commercial building owners that are serious about the fire safety of the premises, they must ensure to carry out a fire risk assessment. It prevents death, destruction, and losses. You will know what to do in case fire breaks out.