simsLets Race is the UK's only full motion F1 simulator centre and their range of race experiences provide the perfect present solution for F1 fans, adrenaline junkies or simply those who have it all and you have no idea what to buy them!

Based in Horley (near Gatwick) they are only a short cab ride away from the airport, so it is easily accessible for all meaning you can make a whole day of it - involve lunch on the way down and drinks after and treat your bloke this year rather than the usual escapade of him trying to cook/buy the right flowers/get jewellery without you getting the wrong idea/ find a restaurant that's not already booked etc.

The simulators literally provide the closest experience you will ever get to racing in an F1 car without actually being on a race team yourself! Words cannot really describe it - it is something you truly have to experience to believe.

More information about the experiences on offer can be found here