Dinosaurs In The Wild is ready and waiting to impress and scare the bejesus out of you near the O2. Ok, it's not THAT scary but it's probably not for young and faint-hearted little ones- so be warned.

All jokes aside Dinosaurs In The Wild is really impressive. Staff and actors fully immerse you in the experience which hinges upon your time travel trip back into dino times and a special base that has been set up to study these prehistoric creatures.

You are taken through a series of rooms and levels looking out through the viewing galleries, learning about and seeing realistic eggs hatch and more.

We came away truly impressed and feeling that it was well worth its £29.50 ticket cost (tip, it's £25.00 if you go off peak).

It's certainly wakes up dinosaur facts - We promise you'll be impressed.


Watch out for parking - although this place looks like it has parking out the front, it doesn't. You need to park in the North Greenwich Station/O2 parking. It's £6 for 2 hours and it's a five-minute walk down the road if you park to the back of the carpark where there's an exit. As the tours are timed I would factor this into planning.