Thanks But No Thanks Ian Wright Illustration - Kingston University London  04

Two Kingston University graphic design students, Alex Brown and Ben West have come together and through their art raised £700 for Battersea Dogs home.

They have taken unwanted and abandoned art and turned it into  a brand new exhibition called Thanks But No Thanks.

The collection of work came together after the two artists submitted a poster to a competition and it didn't win. On not winning the prize they put in for they decided that it was time to gather up theirs and their designer friends work and put on an exhibition irrespective of competitions.

The exhibition is entitled Thanks But No Thanks because it gathers together all the work that has been done for briefs and never been used. It's a great idea to get some of the pieces that are art works in their own right just not right for the project or time out the closet and into the bright lights of a gallery.

Work on display included a rejected poster for the 2014 Winter Olympics, a hand lotion bottle that Space NK didn’t want and an abandoned Bob Dylan portrait.

The first show earlier this month culminated in the donated designs being sold with the money going to Battersea Dogs Home. “The intention was always for the project to raise money for charity,” 23 year old Ben explained. “Donating the proceeds to Battersea Dogs Home made perfect sense as the artwork – just like the animals at the centre – had all been abandoned and rejected.”

Ben and Alex now have their work on show along with more designs at Drays Walk Gallery, London, between July 5 - 8.