Adaptive, progressive and ever-changing are three words that sum up the capital nicely. And nothing reflects its all-embracing nature than the fashion of its dwellers.

Whether it’s the sleek suits of Kings Road or the indie look of Camden, its distinct character runs through the outfits of all who call it home.

Thanks to its style versatility, curating the perfect wardrobe for this fast-paced city couldn’t be easier. All you need is the right style guide. That’s where we come in.

Peruse our tips and you’ll achieve the London look in no time.

Remember That Comfort Is Key

Long gone are the days when fashion refused to include comfort. These days, most style experts and leading fashionistas alike are quick to highlight the value of clothes that look and feel good. Similarly, when it comes to what we wear, practicality is key.

With this in mind, remember items and accessories that are necessary for all situations, like waterproof jackets and watches.

When it comes to securing chic and reliability in the latter, for example, look to brands like Henry London, and you could curate a city-centric wardrobe that guarantees comfort, functionality and charm.

Identify Your Favourite Type of London Style

Yes, there isn’t just one kind of “London Look”. In fact, there are several. That’s why its worth exploring the different kinds to identify which one suits you best.

To ensure that you choose the right style, consider aspects like the principal items – such as jackets and shoe wear – and the intended effect of each movement.

East End Hipsters, Sleek Sloaneys and Just-Out-Of-Town Bloggers are apparently all leaders in the London fashion scene. But what do these terms actually mean? Research is paramount for understanding current trends in the capital and to starting off your wardrobe on the right foot.

Don’t Just Follow the Crowd

The capital is special to you for subjective reasons - so why not create a wardrobe that reflects your personal connection to it?

Once you’ve roamed its fashion trends, use your selected few for inspiration when developing your own unique London look. To pinpoint what exactly draws you to this vibrant place, why not produce a mood board on what it means to you?

What’s more, sporting clothes and accessories that are bespoke to your personality could enhance your enjoyment of the capital even further, meaning a happier life spent there.

So, when it comes to curating your wardrobe, don’t just stick to one specific movement or style – design your own.

Creating your ideal wardrobe for the capital needn’t be difficult. And with our guide, you can curate a set of outfits that illustrate what made you fall in love with the city in the first place. So, what’s to stop you from making your own distinct London look?