WJ London is a London lifestyle website. With a history spanning 10 years that covers events, print and digital, WJ London deliver an informal and fun take on London lifestyle. WJ London covers news, fashion, film, art, design, food & drink.


We have a number of contributors from far and wide and our larger family is based all over the place. We do however have a little core of hard steadfast that include:

Lu Orcheston-Findlay - Founder & Editor

Lu founded Who's Jack (now WJ London) in 2005 as a music events company. It grew over the years into a niche monthly A4 glossy publication that put on large themed events and urban festivals. Today WJ lives online and covers all things London.

Joe West - Film Editor

Joe writes about film and things you generally don't want to miss online Catch his reviews, previews and interviews over in our film section. He also has a funny Twitter so is certainly worth a follow.

Find him here on WJ London and on the social links below.
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Camilla Hunt - Fashion Week Editor

Camilla heads up WJ London's presence at Fashion Week and Mens Collections each season. She successfully manages to deal with hundred of tickets, invites, writers and photographers each year and delivers our excellent Fashion Week and Mens Collection coverage.

You can see it all here.

Camilla is also Assistant Content Editor and Google + Presenter for New Look so if you recognise that pretty face that's why.

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