unnamed-1Ever find yourself concerned that your feline can't partake in a bit of social media - look up the best way to trap mice or order clever trapping apparatus AKA Wile.E.Coyote?

Well fear no more - now you can buy them a cat computer - yeah.... you read right, a cat computer.

Have you ever imagined Windows for Whiskers? Prezzybox introduce to you,  Kitty Laptop the greatest gadget gift for your furry friend!

Could our feline friend now be found on Facebook, and tails on Twitter?! Your cat can now be as tech savvy as you!


Up the cute cat factor and give them this tech designed toy that they can get their claws stuck into! Theirresistibly scratchy keyboard will stop them from tearing up your furniture, and plonking themselves on your laptop!

The flat-pack cardboard laptop and funny fluffy mouse play toy is easy to assemble and needs no glue, so it’s safe for your cat to chew or claw!

You can even customise the desktop wallpaper by printing a picture and sliding it in, or get creative with the funky sticker selection! Clever kitties will sit in style with the geek chic kitty laptop, prrr’fect for nerdy cats!

An adorable PC for pets? What’s not to love! Get this brand new Moggie must-have today for only £19.95 from www.prezzybox.com!