The Collectable Few have just released their second single, the aptly titled ‘Model Behaviour’. Following the commended debut ‘Headstrong’, which gained positive reviews from the likes of 6Music, XFM and NME, the band will also play a selection of live shows nearer the single’s release, including a single launch party at London’s Borderline on December 3rd. The Collectable Few are quickly winning the approval of the industry with their taut and active take on guitar based pop.

The single, ‘Model Behaviour’ is however a sound that has been created before and replicated more times than needed. If you’re looking for innovation then this probably isn’t the band for you. The Collectable Few do serve well as a group you can listen to without much need for intensive engagement, which in today’s stressful society is something you may require.

The message brought across by the lyrics is what kept me intrigued, a great observation of social extroverts and their persona behind the camera (“there’s no truth in that model behaviour”). With this in mind, it is worth having a listen to ‘Model Behaviour’ and making your own decision as to whether their positive reviews from the industry match the general perception of the listener.


Words by Teto Parvanov