As the cocktail love in London have been rising to a rather high temperature of hottest liquid property it's just the right time for London Cocktail Week to hit us. But something we would like to point out is that, incase you hadn't realised yet, cocktails aren't just for the girls any more.

Gone are the days of men ashamedly getting a pink or red enormous, cherry and umbrella topped drink delivered to their table. The London bars and restaurants have addressed this problem offering some manly cocktails on almost all cocktail menus that will put hairs on anyones chest and certainly won't cause heckling or embarrassment on ordering.

Incase you can't get to Cocktail Week (which is this week) however we have some make at home, man cocktails for you to sample and realise any stigma that may have been attached to a man ordering a cocktail has well and truly disappeared - how we could have all forgotten about james Bond and his favourite tipple we don't know!

These are all massively simple to make and courtesy of manly whiskey Monkey Shoulder and Seven Dials who have the best array of London Cocktail Week events going on!

The Ginger Brewsky


25ml monkey Shoulder

20ml Lemon juice,

20ml Ginger Syrup


Pour ingredients into a shaker, add ice and shake. Strain into a glass and top with beer! Yep, that's right. Add tasty beer.

Refreshing. Different. Definitely one of those drinks that you order a second round

The Rusty Nail


30ml Monkey Shoulder

30ml Drambuie


Put all ingredients into a mixing glass, add cold dry ice and stir. Once dilution is reached strain into glass over ice. Garnish with a twist of lemon.

A classic and very strong cocktail that no bartender will be able to refuse you.

Old Fashioned


6oml Monkey Shoulder

10ml Sugar Syrup

4 Dashes of Angostura Bitters


Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, add cold dry ice and stir, once reached desired dilution strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with a twist of orange, cherry and orange slice.

The Old Fashioned is pretty much the original cocktail.  A cocktail by definition is a mix of spirit, sugar, water and bitters.  Like Monkey Shoulder, it is strong and smooth, perfect for before or after dinner. We like to garnish with a twist of orange, a cherry and an orange slice to cover all bases.