Getting a bit bored of kidding yourself that a gin & tonic is an acceptable drink to be made with a cocktail shaker? Up your game...Go out to spice up your cocktail nights in.

Cocktail lovers can refine their bartending skills and master new techniques at a series of molecular masterclass sessions run by London venue Madison . Launching February 2018, the MadLab sessions offer a chance to don a lab coat and learn three cocktail techniques: carbonation, infusion, and foam.

Participants will create molecular twists on three Absolut Elyx vodka-based cocktails of their choice - selected from a menu of nine - with the finished serves yours to enjoy.

Foam - Learn how to make a foam with the help of a blender and vegan emulsifying/stabiliser agent using a nitrous oxide cartridge – and then how to integrate the foam into a cocktail.
Infusion - Make an instant infusion with a cream whipper and a nitrous oxide cartridge. You’ll then create a cocktail with the infused spirit and learn how to use a torch to caramelise the garnish.
Carbonation- Master a carbonated cocktail with a cream whipper and CO2 cartridge, before using the torch to scorch the garnish.

MadLab masterclasses can accommodate groups of eight to 12 people, priced at £30 a head.

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