On 23rd September 2013 you’ll be able to get your hands on the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll collaboration as Sailor Jerry Clothing launches its limited edition range, The Flash Collection, which has been designed by iconic punk rocker and artist, Paul Simonon.

Paul combined  his punk ethos with Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’ uncompromising style of flash art to create a new set of designs. These have been incorporated into three items of clothing - a leather jacket, two styles of t-shirt and a neckerchief. With only a handful of these items available, be sure to check out  Lewis Leathers or go straight to www.sailorjerryclothing.com to ensure you can own a piece of history.

The leather jacket, made with the iconic British brand Lewis Leathers, will be produced in a limited range of just 50. Simonon selected the Lightning Jacket, which he wore in the early years of The Clash, and customised it to create his own unique signature design. The back of the jacket features Paul’s interpretation of Norman Collins’ flash art from the 1950s, a skull and crossbone, and a banner reading ‘Jack to a King’.

To give it that true rock ‘n’ roll feel, Paul has had every jacket hand distressed giving each one its own unique look and feel. The jacket has faded zip panels that make it appear to have been bleached out by the sun after years of use. Metal badges inspired by the trends in the 60s and 70s, are hidden in the jacket pockets to encourage buyers to kick-start their own customising process.

“I’ve always admired Norman Collins’ art. He was a real original and his designs were the template for many other tattooists. It’s the first time I’ve done a collaboration and combining art and clothes design is right up my street,” says Paul Simonon.

Having Paul Simonon partner with Sailor Jerry on the first of The Flash Collection series is both humbling and very exciting. Paul is not only a musical legend, but a talented visual artist, whose attitude couldn’t be more allied to what Sailor Jerry stands for. And it sets the bar very high for future collaborations.” Comments Enda O’Sullivan, Global Brand Director for Sailor Jerry. 

The tees, of which there will only be 500, continue a long line of clothing adorned with Collins’ flash and will feature two unique line-drawings created by Simonon, inspired by Norman Collins’ signature style. The first is a tattooed mermaid riding the iconic ‘Sailor Jerry’ anchor and the second mirrors the leather jacket design, a stripped back skull and crossbones.

The final piece, the neckerchief, is a daily staple in Simonon’s wardrobe and available in a limited run of 1,000 pieces. The printed red and white design features a hula girl playing the ukulele - an instrument Paul jams on - and tiki influenced tribal masks. Both the tees and the neckerchief have been made in the USA by Sailor Jerry Clothing Ltd..

The Flash Collection will be sold in Lewis Leathers.