Blue Monday has been and gone but let's face it, we're still here in January, it's still pretty chilly, Christmas is a distant memory and any sign of spring is a fair way off.

All that chilly gloom needn't be an excuse for misery though. We're thinking of coining a new day, thoughtful Tuesdays, as we all know that doing something for others cheers you up and cheers them up in turn why not do something night for someone today, or this week even?

Why not send something nice to a loved one or a friend this week?  Brighten their day up with a bunch of flowers that's totally out of the blue. Always does the job!

Alternatively, make those dinner dates you never got around to before Christmas. I know it's all been a bit of an over-indulge since December but that's no excuse to hibernate.

Make a gym date, a vegan dinner date or a brisk walk in the park date with people you've not seen in a while.

Another way to brighten your feel good this January is to have a clear out. Get rid of all those clothes you never wear and drop them at the charity shop. Let them do some good for someone else rather than languish at the bottom of your wardrobe for another year!

All in all the best and surest way to cheer up both yourself and others at the start of 2019 is to get active and get giving out the 'nice'. Whether it's flowers, homemade cupcakes or a friendly phone call, it doesn't take much but it makes a whole lot of difference.