In yet another sign of Brixton’s gentrification, the area is to get a champagne bar on October 15th.

Champagne + Fromage, which already has a branch in central London, will open in Brixton Village and  join the likes of Foxtons in this up-and-coming neighbourhood.

There has been quite a bit of unrest in the area as local residents are forced to move because of increasing rents. The arrival of shops such as the upcoming Waitrose is further proof of the rising wealth of the people living there.

Stefano Frigerio, owner of the champagne bar, said: “I love Brixton Village because it is a very exciting, special place in London, with traditional shops where you can try things from all over the world.  From a business point of view, it’s a trendy, booming market with small restaurants like us that are trying to do new things.”