As the Olympics are ever creeping closer we began to think that it might be a good option to have a look at how you can remove yourself from all the hustle and bustle that will inevitably be London over the period. First stop Bath.

Bath is only an hour and half from London by train and is a stunning city. It has enough houses for a Londoner to not panic and enough open spaces for them to feel like they are  somewhere totally different.


The city is rich with history as Roman settlers created the Roman Baths around the only natural hot spring in the whole of the UK that resides in Bath. The remains are still there and open for visitors, you can even drink the water if you like, said to have healing properties.

If history is not your thing then there are a number of parks and stunning buildings to wonder around as well as an amazing slap up tea to be had at the Pump Rooms in the town centre.

Over all Bath is cheap and pubs are friendly so you can easily find an evening out or nice meal.


We stayed at the Bath Priory Hotel which is just a short walk out of the city center of Bath through the park. The hotel is great to visit for lunch dinner or drinks even if you're not staying, with a bustling atmosphere in the restaurant in the evening and a beautiful garden to sit in.

lgrfp954gkIf your main aim is to relax once you get away from the big smoke then look no further than the Thermae Spa, again in the center of the city. The spa is huge and its water is the same water from the natural hot spring just cooled a little to make it a great swimming temperature. You can have treatments here but the real Pièce de résistance is the rooftop swimming pool that's open right through to the evening so you can watch the sunset whilst sitting in a steaming warm pool.

For full information and will help booking and planning your visit contact the hugely helpful Bath Tourist Information.