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In the penultimate installation of ‘The Craftsmen’s Dinner’ film series for The Balvenie whisky, Michel Roux heads to the home of Hansen & Lydersen to discover a rather unusual (and musical) approach to smoking some of the world’s most delicious salmon.

‘The Craftsmen’s Dinner’ is The Balvenie whisky’s foremost exploration of outstanding artistry to date. The six films will be released sequentially on a fortnightly basis until May 24th 2016.

Find more information on the Craftsmen's Dinner here. 

Do you collect something? Would you call yourself a collectaholic?
So often these days we tend to over prune our 'stuff' - with relatively small living spacesthat come with living in London there's not too much space to keep things anyway. Copy of SAFESTORE_THREE QUARTER SHOTS_0013But often there are the small and large collections that are far too dear to our heart not to keep. And these things should be kept - whether you have space or not - as they bring you joy, or memories, or provide you with something calming to do maybe. A collection of cameras, books, or radios much like Gerry Wells has can be a massively for-filling pastime that shouldn't be confused with hobbies that are just for those who are past it!
Safestore is making a stand for the weird and wonderful ‘stuff’ we collect and have delved into the collections of three collectaholics. Maybe if you fancy starting a collection of something these videos could give you some inspiration!Copy of SAFESTORE_THREE QUARTER SHOTS_0003

The second in the series of videos which you can see above explores Gerry Wells’ collection of vintage wireless radios. Wells was a self-confessed obsessive who fell in love with radios when he started fixing them in his garden shed as a young boy. He built his collection into a museum worthy curation which you can visit by appointment in London.

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3. Up at the O2 Evening RGB S


What better idea for an unusual, romantic date? Journey to the peak of the world-renowned entertainment venue with Up at The O2 and see spectacular 360 degree panoramic views across the capital, taking in the sights of all the famous landmarks London has to offer including the Shard, Canary Wharf and the Olympic Stadium. 

The best time to climb The O2 in our opinion- is as the sun is setting. The Sunset Climb at Up at The O2 is a perfectly sun-setting co-ordinated climb that will leave any significant other impressed, or, if you prefer to see the city skyline lit up by thousands of twinkling lights, then the Twilight Climb is the perfect choice for you.

If you need convincing - just take a look at the reviews, as Up at The O2 has been compared to walking across the legendary Sydney Harbour Bridge! Offering a true taste of Urban Mountaineering, adventurous couples will also be able to enjoy a tremendous sense of achievement upon reaching the viewing platform, 52m from ground level.

Up at The O2 - take in the 360 views


Or make the most of the lovely weather with the Original Climb, where you’ll be able to conquer the heights and soak up the sights during the day.

Prices for Up at The O2 start at £28 for adults and children (over 10). To avoid disappointment, advance bookings are suggested. Book your date and time now.



opener festival cheap flights to europe

Make a change in your summer plans this year and pack for a trip to a festival in Europe.

Whether it’s Boardmasters in Newquay, the cultural hotbed of Berlin Festival, or discovering the beautiful settings of Oya in Norway, to the heat of Primavera or Nosalive from Madrid and Porto, Europe has a lot to offer and Flybe (flying to over 20 Destinations across Europe) can ensure you get to the festival of your choice for summer 2015.

But where to start we hear you ask! Well, not to worry, we’ve picked our top three 2015 Europe festival destinations so you need not worry.

Open’er Festival, Poland – 1st-4th July (image)

4 day ticket 99 Euros

Offering a truly cross sectioned music selection Open’er is still a bit of a baby on the festival scene but one that’s growing fast.

This year you can see A$AP Rocky, Alt-J, Drake (minus Madonna), Die Atwood. Mumford and Sons and St Vincent to name but a few.

Open’er also invite theatres, museums and artists from fields other than music to get involved so there’s plenty to see and do over the four days.

Rock en Seine, Paris  August 28-30

Three-day pass from £86

If you want to stay city based then get to Paris’s musical offering – you still camp yet you are in the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud, on the western outskirts of the city. Be surrounded by beautiful gardens, fountains, statues and tree-lined pathways as well as great music with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Other perks of this very grown up festival include complimentary showers for all and coffee and croissants for breakfast.

The Libertines, Kasbian, Offspring, The Chemical Brothers and Marina & The Diamonds.

Melt, Germany - 17th-19th July

3 day ticket 136 Euros

If you want your trendy bands head to Melt offering, Cashmere Cat, Hudson Mohawke, Kylie, London Grammer and Jamie T.

Offering a more debaucherous atmosphere and a blend of loud indie, electro, mainstream and subculture music Melt will be a fun festival there’s no doubt.

Melt! started out as a small stronghold for rave lovers and techno enthusiasts at the quaint Bernsteinsee Velten in 1997, relocating to Lärz Airport in 1998 until it turned Ferropolis into a shining beacon of light in 2000 and became a major force on the international festival circuit.

So where to get started? Well, head over to Flybe and book your tickets of course! See you in Europe!


Kaspersky Lab has put together a company video that might just get you thinking.

Straight forward and to the point it looks at how Kaspersky can protect us from cyber threats in the future, whatever those may be.

The video is shot very much as one continuous sequence with the background constantly shifting behind our main character to give glimpses of what an unprotected or an overly protected further may look like.

The speed with which the set builds appear and change through the story symbolizes the ease with which protection can be purchased – the Internet makes it possible to buy a solution in one click. 

The short film covers each environment that could bring new possibilities when it comes to progress, but also new threats – just like any of us might face, whether we’re an ordinary user, a large corporation or a government organization. As the story unfolds, the character moves on from a personal online purchase – something that has already become everyday reality for us – to a city of the future where technology encompasses all aspects of life. The difference between imagination and reality gets increasingly vague and we begin to realize technology can be both useful and destructive.

Kaspersky Lab offers solutions to help make our IT environment secure and protect the things that are most important to our users. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with fraud online or viruses on our computers. KL’s team look to put us at ease with their online security offering of professionals to protect people, safeguarding the things that they value.