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First comes love, then comes marriage -  then comes baby in a baby carriage. Old nursery school rhyme, or a foreshadowing of the natural progression of Ryan Lo’s most recent collections? As we return to London Fashion Week for another season, what better way to open proceedings than with this WJ London favourite and his fantastical interpretation of romance, tradition and the even the British monarchy - whether in a past century, or the next.

After delivering a memorable proposal for SS19 (whereby Lo invited us to observe a romantic tale that culminated in a princely “I do”), this season’s autumn/winter offering saw the story pick up at its next chapter: a right royal birth. There definitely felt like there was an element of cosmic timing at play, what with the media’s current thirst for information on the next addition to the British monarchy, but Ryan’s opening pram push was the stuff of a dystopian fairy tale. No blue for a boy, pink for a girl here: just lashings of mourning black, British pomp and traditional Victoriana details.

Across his catalogue of work, the explosive frenzy and candy pink colour of Kawaii culture often juxtaposes the dark and glamorous, whilst his fondness for childhood motifs jars with his creative vision for the future. That’s what’s so exciting about Lo: his duality. Hailing from Hong Kong but London-based by desire, Lo playfully dances between curious contrasts and opposites to create his own twisted fantasy world. It was a far cry from Lo’s usual hyper-feminine frills and frothiness, but this dichotomy was still at the epicentre of the entire collection, with these different locations playing a key part.

Despite a stiff-upper-lip entrance of the new royal parents and a more gothic tone to the collection, there was plenty of Lo’s cute and whimsy to satisfy his diehard fans. Pink tulle featured, accessorised with Royal Guard bearskin hats, reimagined in bubblegum pink, feathers and fluff by none other than Phillip Jones. Corset lace front dresses in virginal white were befitting of a princess, whilst quilted coat dresses, brocade coordinates and ruffled collars were undoubtedly Mother of Bride worthy in some alternative world.

Words: Camilla Hunt | Fashion Editor | @camillamcleanhunt
Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer |

Blue Monday has been and gone but let's face it, we're still here in January, it's still pretty chilly, Christmas is a distant memory and any sign of spring is a fair way off.

All that chilly gloom needn't be an excuse for misery though. We're thinking of coining a new day, thoughtful Tuesdays, as we all know that doing something for others cheers you up and cheers them up in turn why not do something night for someone today, or this week even?

Why not send something nice to a loved one or a friend this week?  Brighten their day up with a bunch of flowers that's totally out of the blue. Always does the job!

Alternatively, make those dinner dates you never got around to before Christmas. I know it's all been a bit of an over-indulge since December but that's no excuse to hibernate.

Make a gym date, a vegan dinner date or a brisk walk in the park date with people you've not seen in a while.

Another way to brighten your feel good this January is to have a clear out. Get rid of all those clothes you never wear and drop them at the charity shop. Let them do some good for someone else rather than languish at the bottom of your wardrobe for another year!

All in all the best and surest way to cheer up both yourself and others at the start of 2019 is to get active and get giving out the 'nice'. Whether it's flowers, homemade cupcakes or a friendly phone call, it doesn't take much but it makes a whole lot of difference.


How savvy are you when it comes to your credit? Are you a figures whizz, confidently sailing the high seas of The Bank of Englands Base rate or are you a little unsure and fearful of loans and all that money stuff? During these tumultuous times with Brexit alongside looming interest rate hikes, it’s probably a good idea to have a little read up on the fact and more important figures if you’re not familiar with how all this may affect you.

It’s always good to be in the know, especially when it comes to your finances and I’ve found a little test that can help you out. Sunny Loans have brought out a ‘Do you know your finances’ Quizz and I’ve just managed to get 5/7 on it so I suppose I’m not doing too badly. I’ll be honest though, a few were good guesses as I am terrible at maths!

It’s really important to have an idea of how credit works and how it can both positively and adversely affect your life. I still have no idea why this is not taught in schools. If you have a mortgage, for example, a small increase in interest of just a few points of a per cent can make quite a large difference on monthly and yearly outgoings.

Similarly, if you take out a loan and intend to pay it back quickly you still potentially pay an awful lot just for the months you have it out, depending on both the APR and whether there are early repayment fees (watch out for these, they are a right pain!).

After we all borrowed a bit too much before the last crash borrowing is creeping up again and that’s fine so long as it’s managed correctly and you don’t borrow beyond your means!

Remember, sometimes it may be better to save for an item, buying it once you have all the money, rather than buying it first with credit and actually paying much more for it later. I don’t know about you but I hate it when the monthly payments mount up, ravaging your bank balance before you even start the month! I feel we often have it the wrong way around these days and can be too impatient to get what we want. Remember, every item you get will be eclipsed by the need for the next soon enough so let a couple go and your bank balance will thank you for it.

Give the quiz it a go now and see how clued up you are. If you need to have a little brush up on money matters each question you get wrong comes with an explainer so if you don’t already know, you’ll learn. And if you know it all already well then, you can be smug.

Traditional bingo halls have been around for more than a century and they continue to attract people of all backgrounds worldwide. The main reason for why this lottery-themed game is so popular is that it brings people together in a relaxed environment which encourages social interactions. Compared to other forms of gambling it is far less competitive and doesn’t pit players against each other, as most casino games do. At the same time, bingo players can win real money with a small investment, which is always appealing.

Players from all walks of life can be found in bingo parlors and in recent years many of them chose to make the transition to online bingo. They are brought together by the shared passion for a simple, yet exciting game whose outcome is determined exclusively by chance. No previous experience is needed and players don’t need a gambling bankroll to enjoy a quality bingo session. The tiny price of tickets, as well as the fact that gambling addiction isn’t a threat to bingo players further enhances its popularity. Even in countries where most forms of gambling are prohibited, bingo games are generally tolerated.

Online Bingo Celebrates the Game’s Social Nature

Bingo isn’t exactly a challenging game, so players can easily keep track of the numbers while enjoying a pleasant conversation. In land-based bingo parlors, people can interact directly, while patiently waiting for the next number to be called. When somebody finally wins, a new game starts right away, so the other players have a new opportunity to cash in. Because of the manner in which the game is played, the small stakes and the high frequency of winners, players actually celebrate the victory of their peers.

Online casinos were quick to add bingo to their collections of slots, table games and video pokers. Initially, the game didn’t generate too much traction, mainly because Internet operators failed to realize the importance of its social component. When people were given the tools to interact with each other, in the form of chat rooms, the number of players spiked. You will now find bingo games on a whole list of casino sites. Modern online bingo rooms provide players with the means to talk to each other during the game, through community and private channels.

Play for Free and Win Real Cash

One of the things that differentiate bingo players from their counterparts who prefer slots, card games and pokers is the low appetite for risk. The vast majority of those who enjoy this game are risk-averse players who simply seek an entertaining way of spending their free time. They are more interested in games that provide them with the means to interact with strangers, while having fun. Bingo tickets cost less than a dollar and at many online casinos, it is possible to play the game for free. Many operators run freerolls, which are tournaments that anyone can join without spending a dime. They enjoy the same features and gameplay that have made the social game of bingo so popular and have a chance to win real cash.

Fire Risk Assessment- This is an assessment method that helps evaluate the possibility of fire breaking out in a building or premises. It is conducted by evaluating all the activities in the said premises that can trigger the occurrence of fire. Every building that is used by many people should have a fire risk assessment.

As a business owner or the building owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure that fire safety measures are put in place. This assessment should be carried out by experts from a reputable and certified company such as the London fire risk assessments . Here are reasons why you should conduct fire risk assessment:

  1. It is a legal Requirement

The law requires all businesses to have a mandatory fire risk assessment. All the employees should undergo the basic fire safety training. The fire risk assessment should be updated regularly. A 12-month interval from the last assessment.

  1. Identify Fire Risks

There are always fire risks in our premises and this keep changing from time to time. There are papers, oxygen tanks, chemicals used for cleaning and other fuel. The assessment will help identify any gases in the building that can possibly trigger fire. Based on these findings, you can now take the necessary precautions and prepare an emergency plan.

  1. Prevent Loss of Life

The aftermath of fire accidents is devastating. People lose their lives while others are left with fatal injuries. Mostly, when a fire breaks out in a building, people are confused and do not know what to do. When a fire risk assessment is done, people can have an evacuation plan and can detect fire emergency early and save themselves. It ensures everybody in the building is protected, should a fire break out.

  1. Prevent Loss of Property and Business

When a fire risk is detected, it will be contained early before causing much damage. Early damage limitation can be put in place to reduce the spread of fire. This will minimize the damage to the property and the destruction of your business.

  1. Maintenance and Servicing

During the fire risk assessment, the fire equipment in the building will be checked to ensure they are in proper working condition. The fire expert can replace or service the faulty equipment. They should always remain in proper working condition. Additionally, regular checking enables you save money. Instead of replacing the whole fire system, you can just replace and repair the faulty ones.

  1. Instils Confidence At Work Place

People are confident working in a building where they are assured of their safety. Fire risk assessment gives the people using the premises that kind of confidence. The vulnerable people, such as those confined on wheelchairs, children, sick or pregnant are confident that they will be safely evacuated in case of anything.

For any commercial building owners that are serious about the fire safety of the premises, they must ensure to carry out a fire risk assessment. It prevents death, destruction, and losses. You will know what to do in case fire breaks out.