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Modafinil is an artificial central nervous system promoter that can reduce sleeping disorders. It stops the reabsorption of dopamine, thereby leading to an elevation of the extracellular dopamine in the body. This substance shows marked wakefulness-inducing actions and can promote cognitive activities in particular clinical settings.

Modafinil is in the class of wakefulness-inducing medications that decrease sleepiness that comes with disorders, such as narcolepsy, disturbing short sleep, and shift-work disorder (SWD). Occasionally, this drug is used unprescribed to correct symptoms of attention disorders in grown-ups above 18 years of age. This medication is regulated in its production and sale.

Contraindications of Modafinil

The common side effects of Modafinil in the body are pains in the head, backache, nauseating feelings, nervousness, runny nose, peristaltic rush, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and stomach problems.

The other grave impacts when you buy Modafinil are severe rash or allergies, excessive swelling below the skin, psychotic disorders, such as depression, worries, aggression, suicidal thinking, hallucinations, including signs of cardiac complications like chest pains, irregular heartbeat, and difficulties in breathing.

In extreme cases, Modafinil can cause hypersensitivity in many organs of the body which is potentially lethal. You should discontinue the use of this drug and get to the hospital immediately you begin to notice any of these grave impacts.

While taking Modafinil, you might not be able to drive properly, use a machine, or do any other possibly difficult tasks. Should you be disturbed by the effects of this drug, don’t keep it to yourself, speak to your physician. A lot of people using this medicine do not feel any of these adverse reactions.

Tell your physician if you’ve got any cardiac disorder or any of your family has ever got heart disorders or hypertension in time past. People who have physical heart deformities and other grievous heart disorders, should avoid using Modafinil.

Stimulating drugs like Modafinil can heighten arterial blood pressure and increase the pace of the heartbeat. Medical experts ought to check these essential indices very well when making prescriptions. Contact your healthcare service provider immediately should you notice warning signs like chest ache, dyspnea or fainting while using Modafinil.

Again, tell your doctor all your previous history of psychotic disorders and any past instances of depression or mania. Modafinil can increase fantasies, hallucinations, suicide and aggressive thoughts. Contact your physician instantly should you feel novel or progressively declining mental health feelings like depression or mania.

Old patients having impaired liver or kidney functions should be placed under close monitoring while using Modafinil. Stimulants in the class of Modafinil are not likely to be abused or get addicted to. Notwithstanding, people who have had a history of substance abuse should watch it when taking this drug. Using the medicine just as it is prescribed can lower the possibilities for its misuse.

Interactions Associated with Modafinil

Before using Modafinil, tell your doctor all other drugs you are currently using. Exercise some caution while using this smart drug with stimulants. Some illegal medications like Methamphetamine and Ecstasy have been known to react with Modafinil.

Modafinil has the potential of reducing the potency of hormonal birth regulation like drugs, drinks, patches, vaginal condoms, and intrauterine protective devices when using the nootrpic, and for four weeks after its use is discontinued. Speak to your physician on the birth regulation option that can lower the chances of conception while on the Modafinil drug.

Modafinil can increase the rate at which some drugs are metabolized by the body, and this can reduce their effectiveness. Cyclosporine is a typical example of those medicines whose processing can be affected by Modafinil in the body.

Modafinil can raise the level of some drugs in the body after they have been taken. These drugs include Omeprazole, Phenytoin,  and Diazepam. Caffeine is a substance that can raise the side effects of Modafinil in the body.

You’ll do well to tell your doctor all the vitamins or herbal drugs you are taking. In a similar vein, all the medications you are given at the pharmacy when you submit your prescription, and those non-prescription drugs as well, and allow your physicians and medical experts be aware that you are on Modafinil before you undergo surgery or go for a laboratory test.

There could be other drug interactions outside these, so, contact your physician to tell you more before taking Modafinil.

How Does Modafinil Treat Attention Disorders?

In the first instance, persons with attention disorder are plagued with a neurodevelopmental condition that makes it Herculean attempting simple tasks like driving a car, working Inman office, meeting up with schedules, or even mixing with other people.

Since Modafinil is in the class of eugeroics that induce wakefulness, it is presumed that the nootropic will be potent and suitable for treating some attention deficient disorder. Nevertheless, we must understand that Modafinil is just a recently-introduced drug, and was compounded by a neurophysiologist in the late 1970s. As such, the mode of working of Modafinil is not entirely understood. But then, temporarily, it is believed that this smart drug treats the attention-deficient disorder by increasing the concentration of histamine in the body.

By stimulating the body level of histamine secreted by the system, one tends to stay awake more. This analysis gives us an insight into how Modafinil could provide help in correcting the attention-deficient disorder symptoms.

Another source proposes that Modafinil acts by preferentially increasing the level of dopamine present in the brain. The fact is, this medicine is getting more widespread recognition and becoming more acceptable as a treatment alternative for signs of attention-deficient disorders.

Using Modafinil is just like taking a cup of coffee. You will most likely keep more alert, feel like talking, or have your attention focused. That is undoubtedly important for individuals who are attention deficient as they experience immense difficulties in concentrating even on simple tasks.

London is a big city with so many people yet it's still easy to feel lonely. Many places don't have as much of a 'community' vibe as you may like and with so many people renting and move around the place it can be tough to put down roots and make new friends.

I've certainly noticed it in our last move. My husband and I are trying desperately to make 'local' friends in our new spot but it's tough. Do you just strike up a conversation with someone? Will they think you're a weirdo? Are they actually a weirdo?

Luckily, as with most things in life there seems to be an app for this. Pal, is a new app catered to helping you make friends and meet people, so far so good. It can also match up with people that have similar interests - that's me sorted for doggie day dates nearby then!

And so you avoid the awks Pal sets you up with your new friends based on activities. For example, like-minded people who want to fulfill their New Year‘s resolutions in the gym or mums that want local meet ups.

On a Home Feed you can see who has planned which activities in your area and if you'd like to join you just click a button.

In a world where online friends are ten to the dozen sometimes, you need an actual human face opposite yours - Pal helps make this happen.

Also,  chatting is only possible with friends or amongst participants of an activity so you can worry less about the randoms and wierdos out there.

Find Pal on Google Play and at the Apple Store


Hop to Revolution bars in London to celebrate the egg-citing return of this limited edition serve, available now until 1st April,in the run up to Easter.

This Chocolate Egg Vodka joins Revolution’s 30-strong range of Handcrafted Flavours. It's sweet, gooey and chocolaty flavour will be a welcome change in a shot glass and one Jesus would clearly approve of. It's the perfect cheeky tipple for the Easter period.

Bank Holiday weekends are simply made for letting your hair down. Join Revolution for its Big Easter Weekend with an extended happy hour on Good Friday and free cocktails and canapés throughout Easter Saturday. Come Easter Sunday, it’s big party night so book an area or table for dinner or just drinks in advance via and you and your friends will receive a free Big Blank Canvas sharing cocktail to enjoy upon arrival.

Find the nearest Revolution to you-

Revolution London - America Square, 1 America Square Tower Hill London, EC3N 2LS

Tel: 0203 355 7500

Revolution London - Clapham High St, 95-97 Clapham High St, Clapham, London, SW4 7TB

Tel: 0207 720 6642

Revolution London - Clapham Junction, 276-288 Lavender Hill, Clapham Junction, SW11 1LJ

Tel: 0207 738 9104

Revolution London - Leadenhall, 140-144 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT

Tel: 0207 621 9955

Revolution London - Richmond, 4 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1EH

 Tel: 0208 940 1379

We're missing the summer flowers! It feels like under this snow we'll never see them again! Luckily the shops are in our favour and we can grab some blooms for indoors. A bouquet of roses, tulips are all about at the moment and if the snow has dampened your daffs luckily they are only a couple of pounds a pop in Asda at the moment!

If you're looking for something a little different to brighten up your home it might be worth having a look at a new trendy alternative - foliage.

There are a huge selection of leaves on offer at florists originally intended to act as backing for a wide range of blooms however we suggest you look at the leaf as the center point of your bouquet.

It's a little cheaper, it will last longer and you can brighten up your home with some spring summer green.

This bouquet pictured has been put together by floral specialists Hayford & Rhodes and includes Salal, Berried Ivy, White Leaf, Senecio, Eucalyptus and Mind-Your-Own-Business Pot plants attached to sticks.


Getting into your first place is a scary thing, and you’ve probably been bombarded with so many tips from friends, family and financial advisers it can be hard separating fact from fiction. We put some of the biggest myths to the test to help you get into your first home quicker.

Myth: If I buy my own home, I’ll be permanently broke, because I’ll always be saving!

Fact: There are lots of affordable options available for first time buyers, which will help to free up some of your hard-earned cash. Housing associations like L&Q offer Shared Ownership schemes, which require you to save as little as a 5% deposit of the share being purchased. So, for a property worth £400,000, your deposit would be £5,000. If you have more money for a deposit, the government Help-to-Buy Mortgage scheme can help you buy a home, without you having to take out a costly 95% mortgage – which can incur large monthly repayments.

Myth: Shared Ownership means I have to share my property with other people?

Fact: Absolutely not! You can live by yourself! Shared Ownership means you buy a share of your home, at least 25%, paying a mortgage on your share and a subsidised rent on the rest, to a housing association. You can buy additional shares in the property over time, and ultimately own the property outright.

Myth: I need a huge pay rise to afford to buy a home.

Fact: Recent figures have shown that the average Londoner needs a 266% pay rise to find properties in the capital, however, while pay rises are always great, you don’t necessarily need one to be able to buy your first home. Affordable options can keep your monthly payments down.  Mortgage repayments through Shared Ownership are lower because you only buy an initial percentage share, they can work out cheaper than an outright sale mortgage and renting privately on the open market.

Myth: If I want to buy in London, I won’t be able to live in a cool area.

Fact: Not true! Here are 3 fashionable areas you could be eligible to purchase your first home in.

Elephant & Castle: Living right next door to Zone 1 means you can easily whizz into Central London whenever you fancy.  Home to L&Q’s Harvard Gardens, there’s plenty going on in this eclectic cultural neighbourhood!.Just south of the river, the Borough of Southwark has the highest population growth of young professionals, giving the place a lively buzz.

Canada Water: SE16 is flourishing, the vibrant area offers a number of popular independent shops, restaurant and cafes; Street Feast have set up ‘Hawker House’, their latest food market here. A short walk from Quebec Quarter, L&Q’s new development of 69 Shared Ownership apartments, is the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, which is set to become a shopping mecca when a £34 million redevelopment programme is completed within the next 5 years.

Woolwich: With more and more young professionals moving in and new boutique shops and bars regularly popping up, Woolwich is now being pipped by some as the future Shoreditch of Southeast London. The opening of a Crossrail station in 2018 will make the area a true property hotspot; just minutes from Woolwich Common is Ordnance Place, L&Q’s collection of ten 1 and 2 bedroom Shared Ownership homes.

Myth: Never buy a new home on Friday 13th

Fact: Don’t believe in superstitions! If you’ve done your research and most importantly, spoken to an independent mortgage advisor, nothing should get in the way of your dream of buying your first home.