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The Book Club in Shoreditch is launching a new monthly cultural event series in a bid to educate millennials in everything that school Sex Ed missed out (i.e. most of the fun stuff!).

Jenna Mason, Arts and Culture Events programmer for The Book Club said:
It's been years since our generation had “the talk”. And even for those of us lucky enough to have had more than the cursory video or mechanical (and fairly awkward) biology lesson, so much is and was ignored, excluded or just not Show-And-Tell appropriate.’

‘In Sex Ed for Grown Ups, we’ll be covering subjects like pleasure positivity, LGBTQIA* issues, sex work, masculinity and BDSM - all presented by scientists, artists, historians and educators through talks, workshops, film and performance. Your sex life will thank you!’

Upcoming events:

Kissing, Cuddling, and Pegging Oh My: What millennial men get up to on a Friday night?

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2017, 7.15-11pm


From bromances to pegging, in this provocative talk sociologist Professor Eric Anderson will introduce his ‘Inclusive Masculinity Theory’ and explain how and why masculinities are softening among young men.  Whereas homosexuality was highly stigmatized in the 1980s, decreasing homophobia has made bisexuality more visible and socially legitimate today. And happily, research shows that most of today's young men understand that sexuality is complicated. Being less concerned about being thought gay among peers, this culture allows young men to show feminized masculinities and to be considerably less rigid in their approach to heterosexuality – whether that’s kissing and cuddling other males, enjoying their own anal sexual experiences or having stronger emotional relationships with their dude friends.

BDSM for Beginners

Date: Monday 13th March 2017, 7pm- 8.30pm


Curious about the world of BDSM but don’t quite know where to start? Join award winning professional Dominant, performance artist and sex educator Master Dominic for this introductory workshop in kink, and gain confidence in the BDSM essentials. Topics will include consent and negotiation, roles, types of play, equipment and more. Bring your questions, a notebook and an open mind! Fully clothed, open and inclusive. And have no fear - there will be no audience participation! All welcome, suitable for singles and couples/thruples+



Pleasure Positivity with Ladies Come First

Date: Tuesday 16 May 7:30pm – 9pm


With just a third of women experiencing orgasm during sex, it’s time to break the pleasure taboo and create more egalitarian sexual connections!

Sophie Holloway from Ladies Come First is here to fill the pleasure gap in sex education, particularly from a female perspective. In this talk, find out how a lack of information, deep rooted gender inequality and society’s shame around expressive female sexuality is standing between women and their pleasure, and unlock the tools to counteract this. Knowledge is Queen, so come and learn some basic principles and tricks to understand and increase pleasure. Through Sophie’s Guide to the Female Orgasm and some special take-home activities (cunnilingus and colouring-in, anyone?), find out what could happen if we brought female pleasure out of the shadows…

imgp1605We're all so God damn busy....

Running about, working, going to the gym, seeing friends, shopping, partying, more working, a bit of sleeping, travelling... there's very little time.

This is why it's always handy to get those little jobs taken off your hands to give you the odd half an hour - they all count!

This time - gift wrapping and furthmore gift wrapping of healthy presents. This should keep everyone happy and away from early 2017 colds.

In the spirit of giving, Abokado, London’s health focused destination for fresh, feel-great food, is launching a free gift-wrapping service in-store over the Christmas season.

Encouraging time-poor Londoners to kill two birds with one stone, the free gift-wrapping service allows customers to leisurely enjoy a healthy meal while their Christmas shopping is professionally looked after at no extra cost.

While the merry Abokado elves wrap, diners can nosh down on a signature Shwrap®, a delicious hybrid of sushi and wrap: a giant seaweed wrapped maki roll in a variety of enticing flavours such as Sweet Chilli Salmon & Fresh Dill, Chicken Teriyaki and Avocado & Ginger.

The capital is notoriously busy during the festive period, with the countdown to Christmas Day underway and stress levels on a high. As a brand built on the foundations of providing feel-great food on the go, Abokado has Londoners’ backs this year, providing another reason to feel good this holiday season.

The complimentary gift-wrapping service will be rolled out across three centrally located Abokado sites, Great Portland Street, Newman Street and St. John Street. With all participating stores positioned conveniently nearby popular shopping destinations, Abokado is the perfect destination to refuel whilst Christmas shopping.

Available in select stores on 8th December and 15th December from 2pm to 8pm.

Another festive initiative kicking off this Christmas is Abokado’s annual Charity Coffee Day. This fundraising initiative takes place at each of the business’ 29 sites, with all money raised from sales of coffee donated to St Mungo’s (, London's homeless charity.

Abokado Founder Mark Lilley, said “This is our eighth Charity Coffee Day in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway and it continues to be a yearly highlight for our staff as well as our customers. St Mungo’s is a fantastic charity that provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night. We are excited to be supporting such a worthy cause, particularly at Christmas time.” 

We’re pleased to be doing our bit by donating the proceeds from sales of London’s morning handcrafted coffee to a worthy cause!

The Charity Coffee Day fundraising will take place across all of Abokado’s 29 London sites on Friday, 16th December.


Instagram: @abokadouk

Twitter: @abokado_uk

Facebook: Abokado

London start up business competitionInnovation Leaders, Creative people, Young Entrepreneurs…Let us TiE London support you!

Do you have a great business plan or start up idea but you need a little kick start when it comes to funds? Then enter the forthcoming TiE London Start-up competition for the chance to win up to 1,000,000$ in capital investment for your business.

It's not only a great opportunity for you to grab some funding but also a great sounding board for your ideas.

There's not much time though - entries have to be in by the 16th December so you better start polishing that plan and get it over.

Find full details below-

TiE London is happy to call for entries for this year’s TiE International Startup Competition! Here is your chance to win up to 1,000,000$ in capital investment, plus a real-world experience with 275+ high calibre judges, all senior level investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

TIE International Startup Competition is a 2 track competition in which teams can choose either the Rice University Track or the Investor Track. Those who choose the Rice Track must meet additional eligibility requirements* including having at least two student team members on their team, one graduate level University student. This competition provides a chance to compete in World's largest and most successful Business Plan Competition at Rice University in Houston, Texas awarding more than $2.9 million in prizes in 2015; more than 155 past competitors are in business today having raised in excess of $844 million and employing more than 2000 in these early stage businesses.

The second track, the Investor Track, is open to all and will lead the teams to the World’s Largest Entrepreneurial Conference, TiEcon for the Global Finals in Santa Clara, California.

What winners will get?

  • Generous funding opportunities: $2.9 Million + in prize money was awarded with all teams winning at least one cash award were granted in 2015
  • Opportunities to receive individual feedback during 3 separate sessions
  • All expenses paid for the trip to Houston or Santa Clara  (flights, hotel, meals)
  • Attend Power Boot camp hosted by TiE Silicon Valley or TIE Houston
  • Exposure to TiE Angels and VC’s
  • Free tickets to TiEcon 2017
  • Booth at TiEcon for top 3 Finalists

Who's Eligible for the Rice Track ?

The competition is for students enrolled in a degree program (students in certificate programs are not eligible) in the current academic year. Students who graduated in the preceding academic year are not eligible to participate. However, an exception will be made for students who both worked on their business plan or technology in the prior academic year and graduated during the preceding summer, i.e. the summer of 2015. An exception will also be made for students from non-US universities that have a different academic calendar.

How to submit your application?

Website for submission:

Business Plan Submission Date: 16–Dec- 2016 11:59 PM 

European Finals in London: 28 February 2017

Local European Venue: To Be Confirmed

Have a question?

For more information, please check it out here:


bat cat signal for internetI think we all know the pain of trying to get broadband set up. And although there are a number of new options around now offering no min periods and suchlike they can still be a right pig to set up.

It's not good having to take days off work (when you actually have to take days off work) to sit in and wait for an engineer that is often late, doesn't show or tells you you're in the wrong area. We don't have time for that. We're Londoners! We have restaurants to queue for and Ubers to wait for and pop ups to arrive in time for and......

Luckily this is changing and now apparently all it takes is Tweeting a Hashtag and you're there - Broadband. At your home. That afternoon. Think of it like a Bat signal to broadband service provider Relish to make sure you're well stocked up on funny cat videos.

Relish, London’s wireless internet provider, has announced the launch of the UK’s first ‘Hashtag Broadband’ service, enabling consumers to tweet ‘#GetMeOnline’ to receive broadband that very same afternoon.

Making its same-day broadband8b1067c3-1ce7-4f10-b4cc-30937d62971a-1 service even more accessible for consumers, Relish’s ‘Hashtag Broadband’ has been created to speed up the time it takes to get people online. The new service was launched in response to research that revealed 57% of Londoners* have to wait anywhere between three days and one month for a home broadband connection.

Usually reserved for ‘trending topics’ or categorising photos, hashtags can now be used to order broadband to homes or businesses. Relish will be undertaking a pilot of ‘Hashtag Broadband’ from the 27th – 28th October and consumers looking to trial the new service can begin their order by following Relish on Twitter, posting ‘#GetMeOnline’ @Relish and confirming their order before 12pm for delivery the same day.

Bridget Lorimer, Head of Brand and Consumer Marketing at Relish, said: “We were the first broadband company to bring same-day internet to consumers, we don’t charge our customers for unwanted line-rental, and now we’re innovating for a third time with ‘Hashtag Broadband’. The new social media-powered service makes setting up an internet connection even easier - taking just seconds to order and hours to deliver.”

If it is shoved away in a draw - shame on you.

All it takes is a little bit of inspiration to make both your dildo and any other nestled away kinky items fit right in with your decor - as perfectly demonstrated by photographer Will Ablett in this new series of photographs for sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

It's only a matter of time until 50 Shades part deux comes our way London! With it will come another large sway of excitement when it comes to sex toys and everyone across the capital will start toying with the idea of butt plugs... mark our words. So why not get ahead of the game - instagram your desk space fully utilising nipple clips, share a picture of your latest Bake Off effort with a cheeky paddle in the proud of your naughties!

For further inspiration here is Will Ablett's new set of photographs entitled Domesticated Sex Toys.

For the photographs, Lovehoney’s best-selling sex toys were placed in domestic settings, in a subtle and original set of images that would not look out of place in a high-end, glossy magazine.

Ballgag Tie Bathroom Vibrator Butt Plug Cactus Nipple Clips Spaddle

Will’s unique collection of photographs has earned him a place as a finalist in the TRAJECTORY Graduate showcase, taking place at theprintspace Gallery between 20 Oct – 2 November 2016. The highly competitive competition is to find the most talented photography graduates in the UK.

Will said, “This project is a visual response to the increase in sales seen by Lovehoney after the release of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. The images point to a growing popularity of sex toys and their place in people's homes and call to question our conception of sex toys, normality and day-to-day life.”

Helen Balmer, Brand & Marketing Director at Lovehoney said, “We were delighted to collaborate with Will and we’re thrilled that his work has started to achieve the recognition it deserves.”

To reserve tickets to TRAJECTORY and to view Domesticated Sex Toys please visit

TRAJECTORY 20 Oct – 2 November 2016

theprintspace, 74 Kingsland Rd London E2 8DL

tel: 0207 739 1060 - Nearest tube: Old Street - Opening times: 9am-7pm