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If it is shoved away in a draw - shame on you.

All it takes is a little bit of inspiration to make both your dildo and any other nestled away kinky items fit right in with your decor - as perfectly demonstrated by photographer Will Ablett in this new series of photographs for sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

It's only a matter of time until 50 Shades part deux comes our way London! With it will come another large sway of excitement when it comes to sex toys and everyone across the capital will start toying with the idea of butt plugs... mark our words. So why not get ahead of the game - instagram your desk space fully utilising nipple clips, share a picture of your latest Bake Off effort with a cheeky paddle in the proud of your naughties!

For further inspiration here is Will Ablett's new set of photographs entitled Domesticated Sex Toys.

For the photographs, Lovehoney’s best-selling sex toys were placed in domestic settings, in a subtle and original set of images that would not look out of place in a high-end, glossy magazine.

Ballgag Tie Bathroom Vibrator Butt Plug Cactus Nipple Clips Spaddle

Will’s unique collection of photographs has earned him a place as a finalist in the TRAJECTORY Graduate showcase, taking place at theprintspace Gallery between 20 Oct – 2 November 2016. The highly competitive competition is to find the most talented photography graduates in the UK.

Will said, “This project is a visual response to the increase in sales seen by Lovehoney after the release of the official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection. The images point to a growing popularity of sex toys and their place in people's homes and call to question our conception of sex toys, normality and day-to-day life.”

Helen Balmer, Brand & Marketing Director at Lovehoney said, “We were delighted to collaborate with Will and we’re thrilled that his work has started to achieve the recognition it deserves.”

To reserve tickets to TRAJECTORY and to view Domesticated Sex Toys please visit

TRAJECTORY 20 Oct – 2 November 2016

theprintspace, 74 Kingsland Rd London E2 8DL

tel: 0207 739 1060 - Nearest tube: Old Street - Opening times: 9am-7pm

text neck and text claw facial

Yep, apparently these are actual 'things' - luckily though - now you know these are 'things' we can solve this problem for you!

ARK Skincare, renowned for its signature Cleavage and Derriere Facials, continues to innovate with the launch of the iPosture Facial Massage this April.

This unique treatment was created to combat the detrimental effects to the skin and posture which occur from long periods of smartphone and computer use.

‘Text Neck’ is a phrase used by doctors to describe the excessive strain on neck muscles caused by hunching over a phone or tablet for long periods. This term is also used to refer to the premature lines and wrinkles that are created on the neck as a result.

Squinting at a small screen or furrowing brows by trying to focus through screen glare causes premature fine lines and wrinkles to appear around the eyes.

‘Text Claw’ refers to sore hand muscles which develop as a result of constant scrolling and holding a smartphone for long periods.

The iPosture Facial uses a series of precise massage movements, pressure points and active products to diminish the appearance of fine lines on the neck, rejuvenate the eye area and relax sore shoulder and hand muscles.

Precise massage techniques are used to stimulate muscles, improving circulation and aid in detoxification. Highly active products are applied to firm the skin and boost elasticity, including the innovative Regenerating Skin Defence created from Alpine Rose Stem Cells, which is used as an intensive masque to the neck area.

This deeply relaxing and restorative facial is ideal for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer screen or who regularly uses smartphone and tablet devices.

The ARK iPosture Facial, £60 for 60 minutes, is available from April 2nd at the ARK Flagship Salon in Putney. For more information or to review the treatment contact Victoria Waite on or

0208 339 6112

03000652-screenstop2_0dw0g20dw0g2000000Have you ever wished you could enjoy the fun of Tinder with your friends?  Not have to share horror stories or romances but have them played out right before your friends eager eyes or your own? Well now there is Double - like Tinder but for double dates and launching in London today.

Double is a new location based app for iPhone which aims to make dating less awkward and more social through double dates. The app enables singles to 'double up' with a friend and take on the dating scene as a pair.

Group dating allows the dating experience to be more fun and less daunting and the ability to bring a friend along makes it safer. Double is launching in London now and is available to download for free in the Apple App Store.

To use Double singles simply:

  • Sign up via Facebook to create a profile
  • Invite friends to pair up with them and be their ‘Doubler’
  • Anonymously like or dislike pairs nearby
  • If a pair likes you back it’s 'Double Trouble!' and you can have a private group chat inside the app

Double co-founder, Gary MacDonough, said “The dating world can be a tricky and stressful place, especially the first date. Double enables dating to be more fun, less awkward and most importantly safer. Double dates allow people to be more confident and relaxed. Each person has the support of a friend so you can worry less about awkward moments and just be yourself. With Double we’re bringing that experience to mobile location-based dating.”

Double is available for free in the Apple App Store and is launching in London now with plans to expand to other major cities later in 2015.

Download Double HERE

For more information about Double please visit:

mermaid prom gown in uk

Today's young couples are up against tremendous odds when planning their big day as the cost of a wedding has skyrocketed over the past several years. Just a few short years ago, it was reported that the average cost of a wedding in the UK was in the vicinity of £15,000. That was in 2008. Just five short years later, in 2013, that figure rose to more than £18,000 and last year the cost rose to at least £20,000. Even so, there are several innovative ways to save money. Here is why a London wedding doesn't have to be expensive.

Save a Considerable Amount by Booking Early

Just because a wedding is to be a formal affair, it doesn't mean that everything must be catered or that the venues need to be amongst the posh hotels and halls. For those dead set on booking halls or hotel banquet facilities, it is advisable to book as early as possible. Venues quite often will offer a hefty discount if bookings are made at least a year in advance and particularly if they are in the off-season.

Keep the Cost of Food and Beverage to a Minimum: Self-Cater

In the same articles that enumerate the high cost of weddings in the UK, The Guardian also suggests that it is possible to keep the cost of food and beverage to a minimum by self-catering the food. Many foods can be prepared in advance and frozen until a day or two prior to the big event. It is also suggested that guests may be asked to share in the cost of liquor. Of course if money is not an issue, there can always be an open bar. However, the bride and groom, or their parents, may only wish to provide champagne for the traditional toast. A bar could be hired to serve cash-on-demand cocktails and liqueurs if one is not available at the venue.

Dispensing with Traditional Wedding Attire

According to The Telegraph, the average cost of a wedding dress in 2013 was £1098, and that was two years ago! Prices have risen since then by double digits so the cost today may be up by several hundred pounds. And this doesn't even begin to take into account the cost of attire for the groom and the bridal party!

Unless the bride will be wearing her mother's lace wedding dress, the best way to save money would be to either shop online for gowns purchased and never worn or to consider period piece costumes which could actually be hired for the day. Many brides are reluctant to wear gowns bought by other women who never made it to the altar as they consider it bad luck.

Wearing period piece costumes can also help to reduce the cost of venues as the wedding could be held at a park or monument that fits the historical setting. Many young women like to browse second-hand shops for outlandish dresses that simply "speak" to them.

Whether opting for a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles or seeking alternatives to those formal ceremonies, UK wedding savings can be found online with just a few clicks of the mouse and a bit of perseverance. Take the time to shop around, but by all means, get it done early on for the best prices and availability of choices.

Want a little something to brighten up your house this chilly February? Let's Go Hme have announced limited edition collections starting with a very flurry, fluffy and warm selection of three items - all created as individuals and with only 30 of each created in all.

Feeling chilly in the workplace? Why not grab yourself a furry friend with the 'Here's Looking at you Kid' hot water bottle cover? Or add a furry friend to your sofa with this kitty cushion - equally soft and squishy with a duck feature inner cushion pad to boot.

LTd ed3 Let's Go Hme hot water bottle cover, sleep mask and cat cushion

Finally if you need to catch up on sleep still after all this Christmas, dry January, waiting on payday malarky then check out the cat themed sleeping mask - should do you right.

All are hand made and all are priced reasonably!

If you want something to spruce up your home right now though check out these instantly downloadable prints too!