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Calling all freelancers, hustlers, money makers and promotional warriors! Now is your time! We’ve just heard on the grapevine that a new website aimed at matching freelancers and small creative agencies with brands and companies is about to launch. PromoILO is it's name and we've heard it's taking on new freelancers ahead of a massive influx of new business.

The freelancing world can be tough, for the time you spend hunting down new clients, chasing down payments and setting up relationships you could have probably serviced an extra 5 people with wonderful work! We figure anything that makes it a little easier to find those sometimes elusive clients and jobs is relevant but something that makes it a WHOLE lot easier? Well…that’s something. But how about something that gives you $50 for the pleasure AND doesn’t take a commission on the work you pick up?

We’ll just give you a minute to pick up your jaw there… This is what it looks like-

Similar to other creative freelance websites like The Dots or Peopleperhour or YunoJuno it matches freelancers, mostly in the marketing and promotional fields with companies ready to spend the big bucks.

PromoILO however, is different in the sense that it’s linked directly to something called the ILO Exchange which means a lot of companies looking to promote their ILOs quickly and brilliantly. They are so certain of the amount of work available from this channel they are even committing to gifts of $50 for anyone that’s not got a job in the first three months after joining.

An ILO might be another concept you’re not yet aware of so to put it in a nutshell, it’s like a license that a company sells to up their awareness, raise capital and offer loyal customers royalty paybacks A proportion of any money raised through selling ILOs has to be spent on marketing and promotion, that’s the deal. And the site they come to to spend that money? PromoILO. So now you see the connection. Baring in mind an ILO can be for anything, products, companies, channels and more, there is a whole suite of marketing and promotional skills needed to push these companies and their products forward and that’s where you come in.

These ILO’s and PromoILO are all on the brink of launching with a wide-reaching and large collective of companies all in the wings ready to go. Each has a specific budget nibbed off to spend on promotion and marketing which my friends, is exactly why you want to get your little bottoms signed up there and signed up fast.

Shortly, we're told PromoILO will become a private platform making it far harder to join and meaning it will become a little black book of wonderful people like yourselves specifically put forward to ILO companies. You want your name in that book.

So – take advantage now and sign up whilst the doors are wide open. If you’re a marketer, copywriter, videographer, photographer, social expert, promotions strategist, PR, or any of the grey areas in between go take a look and go put your hat in the ring.

Find PromoILO’s $50 offer Ts & Cs here.

There was a time that a boldly proclaimed I had no need for a car in London! How could I? I have buses at my fingertips, I loved walking most places and the wonderful Sainsburys had just started delivering (yes I’m that old!) How times change. Now that it’s not just me, I have a dog and stepson in tow, life without a car in the Capital would be a nightmare. Sure I still take public transport or walk most of the time when I’m alone but when there are little ones and furry ones in tow the tube and bus system aren’t quite so friendly.

The one pain with cars though is the upkeep. Initially, because of this I opened for Zipcar but found it, in the end, to be quite inconvenient and also expensive! Especially when you do an Ikea trip….que adding on more time about 5 times in a row then extra time still to unload and drive it back to where you found it.

So after spending a hefty amount on Zipcar I returned to the idea of my own little runaround. I decided any convenience is going to have to a price tag and I was ready to pay to make my life that little bit more convenient. However, to avoid a full bank account emptying session I chose to lease my car, it’s something people are doing more and more as it’s like a pay as you go system that’s a hell of a lot more convenient than a hire as you go, park it miles away from you option.

With a car lease gone is the massive payment you have to fork out initially and gone is the shopping around for second-hand options when you have no clue how to check if a car is road worthy! Instead, a shiny, spankers car waits for you in front of your house, or in London, on the roadside below your flat... for around £300 a month! So how to keep costs down even further once you have the car? I’ve got a few tips-

A little secret I’ve learned from leasing cars is something called halves and thirds which you’ll find in most contracts. It allows you to swap in your car for another brand new one when half your contract is up!  Doing this you never have to pay another down payment and you continually have a new car! It’s a massive double win!

Another money saving option for car owners in the capital is an offer that Halfords have on at the moment to save you the cost of your MOT! If you buy any product from any Halfords get a FREE, read it, FREE MOT at one of their 300 Autocentres across the UK!

My final suggestion is the wonderful thing that is air. We went through a stage of having so many issues with our tires puncturing - God knows why - slow punctures it seemed, as for a good few weeks we were able to fill the tires up with free air at the petrol station and it would get us through for a good week or so before the light came on again! Now I know this isn't strictly advised but really what I'm saying is go to the free air before you go to change a tire. Sometimes there is just a problem with the tight fit and you can go a good month with the pressures being fine!

It's today! A reminder to celebrate all the wonderful women out there doing great things or just being themselves!

If you want to get a bit more involved than just telling your female nearest and dearest that they are great then take a look at these events around London over the coming weeks  -

Sevendials,  Press for Progress International Women’s Day campaign

Grab one of 15 pairs of free tickets available exclusively through an online ballot at

The panel features brilliant women behind the businesses in Seven Dials such as British jewellery brand founder, Dinny Hall, and other brilliant women such as trans activist, author and founder of award winning campaign Nail Transphobia, Charlie Craggs. Award winning broadcaster, Gemma Cairney, will host the panel.

The Press for Progress International Women’s Day campaign runs from March 1st-8th where stores in Seven Dials will be offering workshops, special cocktails (such as Hawksmoor’s suffragette cocktail below), and brand talks etc. Tatty Devine will launch a special collection with British paper artist Poppy Papercuts in the Seven Dials store and Dinny Hall will be launching a Suffragette-inspired edit at the boutique.

Kate March - I AM Creative: An Evening of Meat 

Performances 28 March - 22nd Apri

Kate March, founder of all-female creative 'I AM' is an American multi-hyphenate artist and entrepreneur, she is a performance artist, writer, choreographer, speaker and producer. Globally acclaimed, Kate's art has been described as interactive, provocative and powerfully bold.

Through Kates work with 'I AM', she not only develops innovative performance concepts and redefines dinner theatre, but also continues to perform across the world including delivering a TEDx speech in Hong Kong leading on to a series of inspirational talks.

This Spring, Kate is working on An Evening of Meat, a unique and provocative dinner installation: a feast of femininity where expressive dance and indulgent food meet to thoroughly inundate all the senses. Featuring a fine-dining menu and dancers using a table as a stage, An Evening Of Meat is a powerful conceptual dining experience that explores femininity, vulnerability, strength, stability, sensuality, power, domestication, and unbridled wildness

More information here

Wonder Women Brunch - Devonshire Club  - Thursday 8th March, from 11am-1pm

Lead by a panel of impressive women, all experts in their respective fields, this inspiring event will seek to demonstrate how conversation can be transformed to purposeful action. The event also supports the charity mothers2mothers.

The event will be hosted by Tamara Gillan, CEO of Cherry London, and Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-Chief of Stylist Magazine. Their guests will include Emma France, the Global Development & Strategic Engagement Director of the charity mothers2mothers, renowned actress Samantha Bond, popstar and TV presenter Rochelle Humes and spokesperson for the Women's Equality Party Athena Stevens. Other attendees include the women behind the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign: Associate Editor of The Drum, Sonoo Singh, and Tanya Joseph.

Emma France will speak about the vital work of her charity mothers2mothers (m2m). m2m aims to eliminate paediatric AIDS, which sees 200 babies infected daily with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, through offering mothers and babies the effective and inexpensive medical interventions that they need.

Palma Michel, Pippa Richardson & Melanie Lawson ‘How to turn adversity to strength and deal with the struggles of everyday life’ - Devonshire Club 

This motivational talk at the Devonshire Club on Thursday 22nd March 2018, hosted by Palma Michel about ‘How to turn adversity to strength and deal with the struggles of everyday life’.

Located in the heart of the City, private members club Devonshire Club has a varied programme of wellness events and initiatives. In the next enlightening talk, guests will learn how three inspirational women, through sharing the personal stories behind their businesses, have overcome certain hardships in their life. Mindfulness and happiness coach Palma Michel will be interviewing Pippa Richardson, the Founder of ‘the girlness project’ and also Melanie Lawson, the CEO of Bare Biology, Palma will also provide practical advice on how to stay calm in pressure cooker situations.

Get it Off Your Breasts Live Podcast at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen 

Date: Thursday 8th March 2018

For their first ever live show, join journalist Emma Gannon and radio host Lliana Bird for a female-led round table discussion with a difference. It’s an unfiltered platform to discuss the current and more general issues getting under our skin. Produced by Shola Aleje. It’s been recommended by The Guardian, launched with a huge banner on the iTunes homepage and currently has 70+ five star reviews on iTunes! They'll be chatting to two special guests: trans awareness campaigner and journalist PARIS LEES who was recently profiled in VOGUE as part of “The New Suffragettes” and author and body positive activist MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE aka @bodyposipanda.

In the final half an hour of the show they'll be asking the audience to write down anything they want to 'Get Off Your Breasts', and will read them out and discuss. You can get as involved as you like, or you can sit back and enjoy your cocktail, whatever your preference!Past topics have been wide-ranging from sleep-shaming, genderisation of kids clothing, homelessness, cheating partners, feminism, public hair… such a mix, both funny and serious. There will be 2-4-1 cocktails from 5-7, with a Get it off your Breasts special cocktail on the menu.

2. 4th Estate Literary Salon Women's Day Special at The Book Club 

Date: Thursday 5th March 2018

We'll be delving into the fascinating and thorny issue of sexism within Artificial Intelligence. From targeted advertising, to face recognition, to Google Maps, to Alexa - Artificial Intelligence has entered every corner of our lives at an unstoppable pace. But what happens when the ‘science’ behind these seemingly helpful tools is inbuilt with a sexist bias – and what are the ramifications? Our panel of speakers will be discussing how gender intersects with this new wave of technology, the challenges women still face in the industry and the exciting initiatives that are helping to rewrite this narrative.

Our speakers include Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of CognitionX, Angela Saini, science journalist and author of Inferior: The true power of women and the science that shows it. The discussion will be chaired by Victoria Turk Senior Editor, Wired UK.

Getting into your first place is a scary thing, and you’ve probably been bombarded with so many tips from friends, family and financial advisers it can be hard separating fact from fiction. We put some of the biggest myths to the test to help you get into your first home quicker.

Myth: If I buy my own home, I’ll be permanently broke, because I’ll always be saving!

Fact: There are lots of affordable options available for first time buyers, which will help to free up some of your hard-earned cash. Housing associations like L&Q offer Shared Ownership schemes, which require you to save as little as a 5% deposit of the share being purchased. So, for a property worth £400,000, your deposit would be £5,000. If you have more money for a deposit, the government Help-to-Buy Mortgage scheme can help you buy a home, without you having to take out a costly 95% mortgage – which can incur large monthly repayments.

Myth: Shared Ownership means I have to share my property with other people?

Fact: Absolutely not! You can live by yourself! Shared Ownership means you buy a share of your home, at least 25%, paying a mortgage on your share and a subsidised rent on the rest, to a housing association. You can buy additional shares in the property over time, and ultimately own the property outright.

Myth: I need a huge pay rise to afford to buy a home.

Fact: Recent figures have shown that the average Londoner needs a 266% pay rise to find properties in the capital, however, while pay rises are always great, you don’t necessarily need one to be able to buy your first home. Affordable options can keep your monthly payments down.  Mortgage repayments through Shared Ownership are lower because you only buy an initial percentage share, they can work out cheaper than an outright sale mortgage and renting privately on the open market.

Myth: If I want to buy in London, I won’t be able to live in a cool area.

Fact: Not true! Here are 3 fashionable areas you could be eligible to purchase your first home in.

Elephant & Castle: Living right next door to Zone 1 means you can easily whizz into Central London whenever you fancy.  Home to L&Q’s Harvard Gardens, there’s plenty going on in this eclectic cultural neighbourhood!.Just south of the river, the Borough of Southwark has the highest population growth of young professionals, giving the place a lively buzz.

Canada Water: SE16 is flourishing, the vibrant area offers a number of popular independent shops, restaurant and cafes; Street Feast have set up ‘Hawker House’, their latest food market here. A short walk from Quebec Quarter, L&Q’s new development of 69 Shared Ownership apartments, is the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, which is set to become a shopping mecca when a £34 million redevelopment programme is completed within the next 5 years.

Woolwich: With more and more young professionals moving in and new boutique shops and bars regularly popping up, Woolwich is now being pipped by some as the future Shoreditch of Southeast London. The opening of a Crossrail station in 2018 will make the area a true property hotspot; just minutes from Woolwich Common is Ordnance Place, L&Q’s collection of ten 1 and 2 bedroom Shared Ownership homes.

Myth: Never buy a new home on Friday 13th

Fact: Don’t believe in superstitions! If you’ve done your research and most importantly, spoken to an independent mortgage advisor, nothing should get in the way of your dream of buying your first home.

We think about what we eat and drink. We want what we clean ourselves with and what we clean our homes with to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We even care about what we put in our bins but ladies...  Have you put much thought into what you put in yourself every month?

Did you know that many leading brands of Tampons often contain chemicals, fragrances, dyes, rayon,
polyester, polyethylene, polyproprylene, chlorine and pesticides? And did you also know that it's not a legal requirement for these ingredients to be stated on the box?

Now, this isn't another promotion for Mooncup - although very eco and body friendly I don't feel I could quite get on board with that. No. I want to introduce you to Freda.

Freda launched in January and is a great new option for modern, health- and socially-conscious women. Made in eco-
certified factories in Scandinavia and Central Europe with over 70 years of expertise, Freda tampons are made from 100% naturally-absorbent, breathable, hypoallergenic organic cotton for enhanced protection and comfort - and are free from the chemicals and synthetic fibres found elsewhere, making them kinder to you and the environment.

You can even get an online subscription so no big panic searching in the bottom of every handbag when you're taken by surprise! It has a period tracker that syncs the delivery of your products to your cycle. How modern is that?! Also, it's only £6.99 a month! Surely your inner body health is worth that? I think so.

Now Freda has joined Fashion Revolution, the global movement advocating greater transparency, sustainability and ethics- which has attracted more than 1,000 brands and retailers such as ASOS, Burberry and Nike - to bring greater transparency to the femcare sector and transform the way period products are sourced, produced and purchased.

Freda is on a mission to break down period taboos, which have contributed in part to the opaque nature of the industry, by discussing the topic openly. The company has been created for women by women - and they give back to women as a portion of every Freda purchase is donated to initiatives worldwide tackling period poverty.