Crafty Fox Market, London's well-loved creative marketplace, announces a season of special one-off Christmas markets. 
The Fox will be offering an appealing mix of talented UK-based designer/makers along with workshops, music, food and drink. Making the markets a go-to destination for Christmas shopping, avoiding the hassle of the high street and providing a place to buy brilliant original gifts. 
children birthday backdrops/birthday backdrops for photography/backdrop for boys birthday party
Please find attached a press release with further details on the markets, traders and workshops. Fuller listings to be updated closer to the market dates:

I'm a massive fan of The Hoxton (Hotel). I've been a full-on convert since I used to do all my meetings there about 7 years ago- it had cocktails and comfy sofas and my office didn't. They have supported me with WJ London events and more and I am always impressed by their roster of events not to mention the hotel and brand as a whole.

That's why, even though I've already done a marathon runner round up this marathon-relevant event needs it's own post.

The Hoxton are teaming up with lululemon to put on the Marathon Shakeout Event, taking place this Saturday (21st April).

As with almost all of The Hox's events, it's completely free to attend. Guests and those setting out on the ambitious 26-mile slog can drop by to get their hair braided by Blue Tit (free), have a sports massage from Recovery Massage Therapy (free), and join us at one of the 3 sessions, covering pre-race nerves and more.

Find out more here 

I have so many clothes.. Clothes that don't fit me anymore but one day THEY WILL fit me again, clothes that I have never worn, clothes that I wore once, clothes that I have convinced myself I will wear (crop tops) but in reality they're never going to see the light of day...

I know I don't need them, I know I should get rid of them, but my heart bleeds when I think about how much money I've spent on all these useless garments over the years. That's why I'm always on the look out for something like this Swap and Style Event put on my Love Not Landfil. It is PERFECT for my needs.

So whether you're doing it for the environment and the greater good or to save a few pennies, or just for a fashion-focused day out pop on down and take a look at the bargains and wonderful one-off pieces on offer. You'll be hard pushed not to find something as the event is held at London’s largest fashion recycling warehouse, LM Barry in Canning Town on 24th April, 10am-midday.

This Swap and Style event is a rare opportunity to rummage through thousands and thousands of unwanted clothes to uncover and select new outfits with the help of Emma Slade-Edmondson, the stylist behind Back of the Wardrobe and Charity Fashion Live.

For those that love to document theres even the opportunity to be photographed by a fashion photographer in your fabulous finds!

The event comes under the banner of Fashion Revolution which launches on the 22nd April to encourage a more mindful and socially responsible way of thinking about clothes. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil* and the rise in fast fashion has meant that the amount of clothes produced each year globally has doubled in 15 years from 2000 to 2015.

#Lovenotlandfill is a campaign aimed at young fast fashion fans in London. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry via a core message: love your clothes then pass them on when you’ve finished with them so someone else can love them too. The campaign will remind young people to:

  • Never dump unwanted clothes in a household bin as they clog up landfill and release harmful climate change gases
  • Recycle, share, swap or repair unwanted clothes
  • Share the message with your friends

Event attendees are encouraged to swap their unwanted clothes with new items that they find in the giant treasure trove at L M Barry Textile Recyclers on the 24th April.

Tickets are FREE but you will be required to pay £15 to reserve your space. This will be refunded on your arrival at LM Barry for the event.

All proceeds from non-attendance will go to Fashion Revolution, a social enterprise which works towards a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

You can reserve your tickets here.

L M Barry Textile Recyclers, North Crescent, Canning Town, London E16 4TG

Learning an instrument is a great hobby. I was recently reminded of my piano learning days when I found a lonesome piano on a recent trip to Bordeaux. The hotel guests were treated to me trying to remember the only thing I successfully learnt to play... the opening to the snowman. Poor people.

I came home with all the intention to start learning again. But then I'm thinking a piano's a pretty big item to introduce into the flat so maybe, Monday Ukulele lessons are a better option.

Adding to the plus points of learning a portable instrument, it turns out there are free lessons on offer! Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen's new Ukulele Hootenanny is led by professional teachers, so you will really learn at this quirky event.

Every Monday regular Ukers, beginners or anyone who is just Uke curious can gather together to play and learn. Hire one of the house Ukes for the night or bring your own.

Ukulele-ing can be thirsty work so there's also 241 cocktails between 5-7pm and food from the award winning Orange Buffalo to fuel the music making.

Music policy: Uke renditions of singalong classics and modern pop

I'm sold!

Find out more here.

Carnaby is such a great area in central London. The community vibe with the shops and restaurants always creates great additional value over and above a simple shopping destination. It always seems to be a little bit brighter, more buzzing and more personable than it's neighbours around Oxford and Regent Street.

In the last year or so it's put on some really great free talks and workshops and it's newest announcement looks set to add to these.

Carnaby has announced a brand new four-day festival for May 2018, the Carnaby Style Weekender, celebrating fashion, lifestyle, food & drink and beauty to kick start the new season.

Over 50 shops and restaurants are offering discounts, freebies and masterclasses over the four days including Cowshed, Office, Skinny Dip, Urban Decay and 1 Carnaby x Sweaty Betty.

Jack Guinness hosts the official launch of the Weekend with a fashion panel on Thursday 10 May in the Carnaby Hub. Other free workshops across the weekend include: Breddos Tacos’ cocktail masterclass, Jack Wills’ t-shirt screen printing session and a collage workshop from We Built This City.

Carnaby Style Weekend takes place from Thursday 10 – Sunday 13 May 2018