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It's today! A reminder to celebrate all the wonderful women out there doing great things or just being themselves!

If you want to get a bit more involved than just telling your female nearest and dearest that they are great then take a look at these events around London over the coming weeks  -

Sevendials,  Press for Progress International Women’s Day campaign

Grab one of 15 pairs of free tickets available exclusively through an online ballot at

The panel features brilliant women behind the businesses in Seven Dials such as British jewellery brand founder, Dinny Hall, and other brilliant women such as trans activist, author and founder of award winning campaign Nail Transphobia, Charlie Craggs. Award winning broadcaster, Gemma Cairney, will host the panel.

The Press for Progress International Women’s Day campaign runs from March 1st-8th where stores in Seven Dials will be offering workshops, special cocktails (such as Hawksmoor’s suffragette cocktail below), and brand talks etc. Tatty Devine will launch a special collection with British paper artist Poppy Papercuts in the Seven Dials store and Dinny Hall will be launching a Suffragette-inspired edit at the boutique.

Kate March - I AM Creative: An Evening of Meat 

Performances 28 March - 22nd Apri

Kate March, founder of all-female creative 'I AM' is an American multi-hyphenate artist and entrepreneur, she is a performance artist, writer, choreographer, speaker and producer. Globally acclaimed, Kate's art has been described as interactive, provocative and powerfully bold.

Through Kates work with 'I AM', she not only develops innovative performance concepts and redefines dinner theatre, but also continues to perform across the world including delivering a TEDx speech in Hong Kong leading on to a series of inspirational talks.

This Spring, Kate is working on An Evening of Meat, a unique and provocative dinner installation: a feast of femininity where expressive dance and indulgent food meet to thoroughly inundate all the senses. Featuring a fine-dining menu and dancers using a table as a stage, An Evening Of Meat is a powerful conceptual dining experience that explores femininity, vulnerability, strength, stability, sensuality, power, domestication, and unbridled wildness

More information here

Wonder Women Brunch - Devonshire Club  - Thursday 8th March, from 11am-1pm

Lead by a panel of impressive women, all experts in their respective fields, this inspiring event will seek to demonstrate how conversation can be transformed to purposeful action. The event also supports the charity mothers2mothers.

The event will be hosted by Tamara Gillan, CEO of Cherry London, and Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-Chief of Stylist Magazine. Their guests will include Emma France, the Global Development & Strategic Engagement Director of the charity mothers2mothers, renowned actress Samantha Bond, popstar and TV presenter Rochelle Humes and spokesperson for the Women's Equality Party Athena Stevens. Other attendees include the women behind the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign: Associate Editor of The Drum, Sonoo Singh, and Tanya Joseph.

Emma France will speak about the vital work of her charity mothers2mothers (m2m). m2m aims to eliminate paediatric AIDS, which sees 200 babies infected daily with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa, through offering mothers and babies the effective and inexpensive medical interventions that they need.

Palma Michel, Pippa Richardson & Melanie Lawson ‘How to turn adversity to strength and deal with the struggles of everyday life’ - Devonshire Club 

This motivational talk at the Devonshire Club on Thursday 22nd March 2018, hosted by Palma Michel about ‘How to turn adversity to strength and deal with the struggles of everyday life’.

Located in the heart of the City, private members club Devonshire Club has a varied programme of wellness events and initiatives. In the next enlightening talk, guests will learn how three inspirational women, through sharing the personal stories behind their businesses, have overcome certain hardships in their life. Mindfulness and happiness coach Palma Michel will be interviewing Pippa Richardson, the Founder of ‘the girlness project’ and also Melanie Lawson, the CEO of Bare Biology, Palma will also provide practical advice on how to stay calm in pressure cooker situations.

Get it Off Your Breasts Live Podcast at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen 

Date: Thursday 8th March 2018

For their first ever live show, join journalist Emma Gannon and radio host Lliana Bird for a female-led round table discussion with a difference. It’s an unfiltered platform to discuss the current and more general issues getting under our skin. Produced by Shola Aleje. It’s been recommended by The Guardian, launched with a huge banner on the iTunes homepage and currently has 70+ five star reviews on iTunes! They'll be chatting to two special guests: trans awareness campaigner and journalist PARIS LEES who was recently profiled in VOGUE as part of “The New Suffragettes” and author and body positive activist MEGAN JAYNE CRABBE aka @bodyposipanda.

In the final half an hour of the show they'll be asking the audience to write down anything they want to 'Get Off Your Breasts', and will read them out and discuss. You can get as involved as you like, or you can sit back and enjoy your cocktail, whatever your preference!Past topics have been wide-ranging from sleep-shaming, genderisation of kids clothing, homelessness, cheating partners, feminism, public hair… such a mix, both funny and serious. There will be 2-4-1 cocktails from 5-7, with a Get it off your Breasts special cocktail on the menu.

2. 4th Estate Literary Salon Women's Day Special at The Book Club 

Date: Thursday 5th March 2018

We'll be delving into the fascinating and thorny issue of sexism within Artificial Intelligence. From targeted advertising, to face recognition, to Google Maps, to Alexa - Artificial Intelligence has entered every corner of our lives at an unstoppable pace. But what happens when the ‘science’ behind these seemingly helpful tools is inbuilt with a sexist bias – and what are the ramifications? Our panel of speakers will be discussing how gender intersects with this new wave of technology, the challenges women still face in the industry and the exciting initiatives that are helping to rewrite this narrative.

Our speakers include Tabitha Goldstaub, co-founder of CognitionX, Angela Saini, science journalist and author of Inferior: The true power of women and the science that shows it. The discussion will be chaired by Victoria Turk Senior Editor, Wired UK.

The experts behind Honi Poké are set to launch their second site in the City near Fenchurch Street next week – and to celebrate they’ll be offering 50% off poké bowls on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th March, all day long.

Dishing up the best in healthy, protein-fuelled Hawaiian poké, their signature bowls come served with flame-torched octopus, tuna, salmon, chicken teriyaki or tofu, paired with a base of sushi rice, brown rice or veg slaw and flavourful ingredients such as salty mango, sunomono cucumber and nori seaweed.

Open Monday-Friday, customers can grab-and-go or dine in on the first floor mezzanine, whilst sipping on a fresh fruit smoothie or chilled glass of wine, prosecco or Hawaiian beer. They’ll also be open for breakfast, serving up popular South American tapioca bread made with cheese and gluten-free flour, amongst other delicious brekkie dishes.

So what are you waiting for? Look out for the Honi Poké surf boards and pop in for a quick and healthy flavour-packed meal!

The Underground Bingo Academy will transform The Vaults underneath Waterloo station into a new, exciting and unforgettable bingo experience for all Londoners. A chance for would-be bingo enthusiasts to come out of hiding and to craft their bingo skills, the night will take place every Thursday - Saturday this April. Set to be a night of fun and games, eager bingo-ists will be taught the best ways to dab numbers, traditional and new-age bingo talk, and the various types of bingo they may have to face. Kicking off on 5th April, tickets start at £5. For more information on the Underground Bingo Academy and Bingo Academy, please visit their website

Following the success of the Camden Bingo Academy at the start of this year, the Bingo Academy will take over The Vault's in Waterloo for a month-long popup for a bingo boot camp like no other.

The bingo revolution is in full swing, and those previously scared and intimated by bingo halls are now ready to face the challenge with the Underground Bingo Academy ready to teach.

Visitors can expect to be taken through their paces, with the complex rules of bingo and advanced dabbing techniques before competing in a range of real-life bingo games to fully prepare for future bingo scenarios.

The Academy has all bases covered with tuition in dabbing numbers to bingo language old and new.

The Underground Bingo Academy launches 5th April and will take place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a month. Tickets start at £5 and available here.

On Thursday 8th March Bubblewrap Waffle will celebrate their first birthday with a limited edition Bad Bubblewrap (in partnership with fellow market trader friends Bad Brownie), Buy One Get One Free all day, bespoke balloons gifted to the first 100 customers and a competition launched to win a Bubblewrap every month for a year.

Bubblewrap started as a theoretical University project, began trading at Berwick Street market, moved into a tiny premises on Wardour Street and then exploded across social media and generated global print, radio, TV and online news and by their first birthday it is estimated that 175,000 Bubblewraps will have been sold.

The reinvention of Hong Kong’s classic street snack invented in the 1950s to use up broken eggs unexpectedly captured the imagination of London and beyond. This resulted in Time Out London’s highest ever performing Facebook video (21 million views, 138,000 Shares, 141,000 Likes and 148,000 comments), queues of up to three hours that snaked down Wardour Street from opening day never dropping below an hour wait for the first nine months, and the consequent boom in copycat stores including Rupert Street’s Bufle that has opened and since closed chasing the trend.

Their celebratory Bad Bubblewrap is made with original waffle base and vanilla gelato topped with popcorn, chocolate crunchies, chocolate sauce and a Bad Brownie Egg in a nod towards the heritage of this classic street snack. It is priced at £7.99 and available fromThursday March 8th until Sunday March 12th.

Your late night guilty luxury might be about to turn into the healthiest and most environmentally friendly evening of lunchtime option!

The UK's first vegan kebab brand, What The Pitta, are opening their third and flagship permanent branch in Camden on Friday 9th March 2018.

What the Pitta uses non-GMO soya chunks, marinated in a blend of Middle Eastern spices and grilled for a smoky kebab flavour, providing the perfect healthy, guilt-free eat in or take out! Bread is handmade on site in front of customers, and filled with homemade hummus, tzatziki, fresh salads and now their famous seasoned soya.

A Vegan Doner Kebab will set you back  £7.95, so a bit more than your usual but you're doing the planet and the animals a favour so... we have to decide it's worth it.

The What the Pitta menu also includes a variety of purse-friendly, meat-free options such as Turkish pizza, a couscous salad box and baklava.