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The 23rd instalment of the Bond series has finally been officially announced after years of MGM financial trouble, with a release date of 9th November 2012.  The extremely exciting release will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Bond 'Dr. No'.

In even more pleasing news, Daniel Craig has also confirmed that he'll return for his third turn in the famous suit and dickie-bow; and it's quite a prospect to wonder what evil bastards he'll be killing after 2008's highly under-rated revenge flick Quantum of Solace.  The former Mr Kate Winslet, Sam Mendes will direct the project with writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace) and Peter Morgan (The Queen) penning 007's latest escapades.

Screw the Olympics, 2012 is the year of the Bond.

Actress Gemma Arterton has received an Orange Rising Star BAFTA nomination. Gemma Arterton has shot to fame with roles in the likes of James Bond, Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans and is also set to star in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters which will be released later this year. Gemma goes up against Andrew Garfield, Aaron Johnson, Tom Hardy and Amy Stone for the award which is voted for by the public. The award recognises an individual set for international stardom.

The Hobbit casting continues in a very exciting fashion as Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis sign their weighty names on the dotted line.  The news comes hot on the toes of yesterday's announcement that Elijah Wood would be reprising his role as Frodo.

No one could be more made up than us at Jack, ok maybe Peter Jackson; who had been stuck in tight negotiations with the stars over the last few months.  As expected, Sir Ian will don the grey cape and staff to play Gandalf and Serkis the tight spandex green suit as everyone's favourite creepy ring obsessor Golum.

BUT WAIT...there's more!  Rumours are now flying that both Christopher Lee and Ian Holm are in talks to rekindle their roles as Saruman and Bilbo.  Needed a good start to your day?! You're welcome.

Elijah Wood has been confirmed to be reprise his famous Frodo in Peter Jackson's two part adaptation of The Hobbit.  We at Jack literally couldn't be more excited by this news...even though Frodo doesn't technically appear in Tolkien's book.

Quite how Jackson will tweak the story to include Bilbo's rather wet cousin is beyond us, but with talk of Orlando Bloom also in line to appear in the role that broke him onto the scene in Legolas; it's a rather nice prospect that the old team might be partially back together.  Current rumours suggest that Mr Wood will read from 'The Hobbit' or 'There & Back Again' as a narrator, so don't expect Elijah to pop up chatting to Martin Freeman all of a sudden. (sad face)

The two parter will begin filming next month in Middle Earth, or New Zealand to the less geekier of you; and we couldn't honestly be more excited if Gandalf knocked on our door himself and invited us on a quest...ok, that might be more exciting.

Colin Farrell has been confirmed for the lead in a Total Recall remake which is due to start filming in May. It has long been rumoured that the actor would take the role but a busy schedule looked set to put the part in jeopardy. It was producer Neal Moritz that let the news slip during an interview with Collider, he also revealed that the film will be set in a different world to the Paul Verhoeven 1990 original. He also said that the remake will be more similar to the book, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, which the film was originally based around.