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Rosella May LFW SS19

For the past few seasons Rosella May has been heralded as an upcoming denim designer, but she is also a true creative driven by a socially conscious vision. Her SS 19 show was a hyperkinetic experience; visually fuelled with its chaotic and colourful Jackson Pollack like patterns that felt connected to the subconscious.

Rosella May Spring/Summer 2019

And beneath this eye-catching treatment of denim and twill was a powerful theme, titled “Stigma” the young designer’s SS19 show was inspired by the taboos surrounding mental health issues and she collaborated with the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Rosella May LFW Spring/Summer 2019

May wanted to create a collection that is striking and courageous and it gave her clean silhouettes and innovative denims a powerful narrative. It was also a collection built on liberation, the freedom to be oneself in a gender-neutral boiler suits or sporty denims with all their bold, abstract patterns, ready for a loose urban summer. That’s the brilliant dichotomy of May’s designs; they may be about breaking down barriers but her vibrant denim is also exciting on purely a fresh fashion level.

Rosella May LFW Spring/Summer 2019

For denim connoisseurs, Rosella May is also evolving its possibilities with her exaggerated, oversized vests and deconstructed takes on classic silhouettes.

Rosella May Spring/Summer 2019

Currently freelance womenswear denim designer for Calvin Klein Jeans in Amsterdam; she is a young designer living and breathing denim, but also a driven innovator with enough depth to bring such an omnipresent category some much needed originality.

Words: Catherine Caines| Fashion Week Press

Images: Joshua Atkins 

Markus Lupfer LFW Spring/Summer 2019

Markus Lupfer was in a Memphis mood for Spring/Summer 2019. Not Memphis, Tennessee, but the influential 1980s design group founded by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass that drove the Post Modern aesthetic and has enjoyed a recent reassurance thanks to designers such as Lupfer who appreciate its playfulness. Lupfer’s designs are celebrated for immediately grabbing the eye and heart with their eye candy boldness and pop cheekiness, all of which reminds us how pleasurable fashion can be. He is also a storyteller, and for his Spring/Summer 2019 show Lupfer took the audience into a playful paradise of beachside retro heaven.

Markus Lupfer LFW Spring/Summer 2019

He presented hypnotic dresses, so light and airy they felt part of the dream and featured abstract animal prints, lighting bolts and surf wear graphics. It felt as though one had stepped onto a film set or a photo-shoot, but all the while one knew Lupfer doesn’t design for fiction but brutal reality. When WJ London asked his team the theme they answered “1980s by the beach” but it was so much more than a retro seaside romp. Lupfer subdued his bold graphic designs into sublime sequined dresses that could easily slink their way into our demanding lives.

Markus Lupfer LFW spring/Summer 2019

During the 1980’s the Memphis group challenged the idea that products had to follow conventional shapes, colours and textures. Lupfer also likes to challenge his own imagination and the idea of what his fan base want. Lupfer says his “girl mixes feather light fabrics made for dancing: an easy, airy take on party dressing.”

Markus Lupfer Spring/Summer 2019

He produced dresses that are immediately beautiful but also easily transportable. Yes, Lupfer wants us to dream, but he knows clothes must provide the fantasy to fit into our brutal reality. His soft tulle concoctions, effortless and fluid, are a happy escape for stifling city life.

Words:  Catherine Caines| Fashion Week Press

Images: Tegan Rush | Fashion Week Photographer |

Often reserved for wearing indoors for the purpose of relaxing, loungewear is a casual fashion style that is effortless to wear and ultra comfortable. Over the years it has now been accepted as a style you can wear outside of your house, giving you a perfect alternative ensemble if you just want to throw something on to run errands or even head to the gym.

Loungewear often includes the likes of soft knitwear, jersey basics, hoodies and full tracksuits. Evolving from sleepwear into something more fashionable, men’s loungewear in particular is now included as a key trend to add to your wardrobe. So, with that in mind, here are some of the key loungewear pieces you need, and how to wear them.

Jersey shorts

Jersey shorts are made using a soft, jersey or terry fabric that create a casual but comfortable appearance. They are characterised by a drawstring waist and usually grey or black in colour for a versatile approach to loungewear.

Easy to wear throughout the year, they have a sporty look that means you can wear them to the gym, running to the shop or another other errands on your list. Pair them with a matching hoodie if the weather’s looking a bit hit and miss, or simply just throw on a t-shirt. The beauty of jersey shorts is they don’t need much styling.

Drop shoulder t-shirts

A popular characteristic of loungewear often means oversized clothing and relaxed styles. A drop shoulder t-shirt is what it says on the tin; it features a dropped shoulder seam and looser sleeves that create a comfortable design.

Perfect with jeans for an everyday look, or denim shorts through the summer season, it’s a much more casual t-shirt style that doesn’t require much effort. After all, the whole point of loungewear is to look stylish with minimal exertion on your part! Choose a block colour with a simple logo placement or raw hem for extra detail.


One of the most comfortable garments within the loungewear trend, sweatshirts are great for a number of activities, including sitting on the sofa. Long sleeved and made from jersey, cotton or fleece material, sweatshirts are great for the colder months.

Featuring a longline design, sweatshirts are often a great length and aren’t usually as fitted as t-shirts. Look for eye-catching styles like contrasting sleeve detail, cuffed sleeves and hems and crew neck for ultimate go-to comfort.

Full tracksuits

You can’t get much more casual than a tracksuit, and the choice in style is endless. Tracksuits are an ideal choice for when casual attire is acceptable, and they have become a much more stylish choice of clothing over the years. With fitted joggers and hoodies, men’s tracksuits are now taking advantage of all the various trends and incorporating them.

Contrasting stripe tracksuits are particularly popular, but through the summer you can get away with printed tracksuits in geometric patterns and brighter colours. On the whole, look for classic colours such as black, grey, red or white. Wear a matching set, or mix and max various colours depending on your personal taste.

Working in a retail business can be incredibly exciting and interesting, especially if you’re involved in the buying and merchandising. This means you have the chance to delve into the upcoming trends and pick the key pieces that will complete your collection for the season. However, this can sometimes be frustrating if you’re not sure where to look for clothes with a difference. After all, you want your retail brand to stand out amongst the competition, not look the same as everyone else!

Building your collection of the right clothes is integral to the success of your retail business. That’s why buying wholesale fashion could be the key to all your retail needs. Whether you need quantity, quality, access to the latest looks from the high street or the new celeb styles, wholesale fashion has the answer.

Why buy wholesale fashion?

The fashion industry is particularly fast-paced, with new trends emerging nearly all the time. What’s more, there are often multiple trends running alongside each other, working together to help you put together the right collection. With weekly updates of new designs, the fashion world can sometimes be difficult to keep up with.

Making sure your customers come back for more is a key goal as a fashion brand; this comes from making sure you stock quality garments that are in line with the biggest trends of the moment. Buying wholesale fashion gives you the opportunity to get a step ahead and stock those essential pieces that are going to fly off the shelves.

Access to quality and quantity

Buying wholesale fashion means that you have access to great prices; which in turn means that you can make a profit within your retail business when it comes to selling the stock to customers. You have the chance to buy in bulk, ensuring that your rails are full of the latest styles without going overboard on the price. Often, wholesale clothing will be available to buy in packs, with varying sizes included so that you can ensure you have a variety to sell.

With the clothes coming straight from the manufacturer, there is no middle man and the clothes haven’t been tampered with in any way. The quality of the garments will be of a great standard due to this too.

Compete with larger companies

Whether you are a small start-up or a much larger fashion brand, wholesale fashion gives you a lifeline and ensure you choose the right products that match your brand. If you get your collection right, the rest will follow!

Independent brands are becoming much more popular as they offer a niche style that differs from the rest; this is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for the right wholesale fashion business to work with. Buying the right designs can make sure you’re noticed by your customers more which can give you that strong loyalty and bump in profit necessary for a successful retail business.

Access to the latest trends

Wholesale fashion companies invest a lot of time into researching the latest trends and coming up with designs that fit in with high streets, celebrities; even taking inspiration from the catwalk too. This closes the gap between top trends emerging and those same trends appearing on your shelves.

With such a variety of clothes to choose from, buying wholesale fashion has never been more fun and more exciting!

I have so many clothes.. Clothes that don't fit me anymore but one day THEY WILL fit me again, clothes that I have never worn, clothes that I wore once, clothes that I have convinced myself I will wear (crop tops) but in reality they're never going to see the light of day...

I know I don't need them, I know I should get rid of them, but my heart bleeds when I think about how much money I've spent on all these useless garments over the years. That's why I'm always on the look out for something like this Swap and Style Event put on my Love Not Landfil. It is PERFECT for my needs.

So whether you're doing it for the environment and the greater good or to save a few pennies, or just for a fashion-focused day out pop on down and take a look at the bargains and wonderful one-off pieces on offer. You'll be hard pushed not to find something as the event is held at London’s largest fashion recycling warehouse, LM Barry in Canning Town on 24th April, 10am-midday.

This Swap and Style event is a rare opportunity to rummage through thousands and thousands of unwanted clothes to uncover and select new outfits with the help of Emma Slade-Edmondson, the stylist behind Back of the Wardrobe and Charity Fashion Live.

For those that love to document theres even the opportunity to be photographed by a fashion photographer in your fabulous finds!

The event comes under the banner of Fashion Revolution which launches on the 22nd April to encourage a more mindful and socially responsible way of thinking about clothes. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil* and the rise in fast fashion has meant that the amount of clothes produced each year globally has doubled in 15 years from 2000 to 2015.

#Lovenotlandfill is a campaign aimed at young fast fashion fans in London. The goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry via a core message: love your clothes then pass them on when you’ve finished with them so someone else can love them too. The campaign will remind young people to:

  • Never dump unwanted clothes in a household bin as they clog up landfill and release harmful climate change gases
  • Recycle, share, swap or repair unwanted clothes
  • Share the message with your friends

Event attendees are encouraged to swap their unwanted clothes with new items that they find in the giant treasure trove at L M Barry Textile Recyclers on the 24th April.

Tickets are FREE but you will be required to pay £15 to reserve your space. This will be refunded on your arrival at LM Barry for the event.

All proceeds from non-attendance will go to Fashion Revolution, a social enterprise which works towards a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

You can reserve your tickets here.

L M Barry Textile Recyclers, North Crescent, Canning Town, London E16 4TG