Sale at kiko regent street

The new Kiko flagship coming to Regent Street is getting a lot of love at the moment. A - new to the UK- though you can currently find them in Westfield - make up and beauty brand from Milan, Kiko offers exciting make up at affordable prices and with a make up look and collection veering on the Illamasqua and a bit cheeper, what's not to love?

What's even more exciting is that if you are new to the Kiko brand, you're learning about it just at the right time as they have an amazing sale on with prices to rival some of Boots!

KIKO MAKE UP MILANO was established and founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group. Although great value it is a professional cosmetics brand and as well as well as makeup includes face and body treatments within it's offering.

Don't get overwhelmed as Kiko has bout a thousand different items in it's range with 50 further products added each month. With recommendations coming in from both models and make up artists as well as the vote of the feet on the street this is a flagship on Regent Street that should have no trouble living up to the Streets reputation.

Coming to Regent Street Soon - currently  At - Unit 2108, Ariel Way , W12 7GF