They want to keep it funny, not be sell outs and make their own decisions, including say 'F**k ' as much as they damn well please.

Maximus Thor is a kid who gets dubbed over by his uncle whilst miming the script his uncle has written and it's so good. You can find their kickstarter project here.

They have 13 days left and need to double their dollars in that time. This show needs to have more episodes for sure although why they insist on titling their Youtube episodes so strangely I don't know because they're not easy to find because of it.

Anyhow - spend your afternoon watching these if you're board at work, decide you want a son just like Maximus, then give them a little bit to help them out.

Great stuff.

Here's an example:


A golf club might not be your first idea when thinking about a Leaving London break but we urge you to make sure it crosses your mind.

Anyone looking for a few nights away in indulgent accommodation after not too long a drive should look up Menzies in the Shakespearian town of Stratford Upon Avon.

Maybe you can't play golf and maybe you feel as though you would be a bit out of place hanging around a golf club full of older men playing the holes but your feelings would be wrong. Full of amazing rooms, both a cosy and spacious bar with fire (the evenings are drawing in now you know) as well as a spa- you can book in for just two nights here and feel as though you have been a world away.

Couple this with a visit to the centre of Stratford Upon Avon - Shakespeare's birth place - and place of rest - and you will not only be having a break but reminding yourself why every school has this mans works on the curriculum.

Not only is the town lovely to walk around and far more chilled than London with extra trees, space and things you can afford but there is a wealth of history too. Wonder around Shakespeare's daughters house, the house in which Shakespeare would have run around as a little boy and the church where he was both married and buried and get some serious inspiration from one of the greatest wordsmiths ever.


Stratford Upon Avon also has cosy pubs come evening with some lovely food on offer and welcoming staff - we visited a couple on our stay and found the standard top notch in all of them.

Back to Menzies, which is only a very short drive away from the town centre (about £7 in a cab if you're not driving) and you will find a dining room with an excellent a la carte as well as an excellent cream tea - if you need to fill a gap over your stay. Both the bar and the kitchen is open all night to guests which is a novelty in your little bubble away from home. You can really push the boat out and feel like you're worlds away from being up for work in the morning or contemplating the smells and characters you might encounter on your night bus home.


There really is no differentiation between those of an older generation at Menzies there for golf and business and the (and there were more than you would think) younger generation there for a little bit of luxury and relaxation. Everyone is there to soak up the views and the atmosphere and have a wonderful time and that atmosphere is one of sheer relaxation and indulgence.

It's worth mentioning that we popped down in a Peugeot 208 GTi - a wonderful, wonderful car for both town and city but more about that in a separate post.

For more information on the area please visit


ralf Lauren 4 D Fashion Show

If you have been anywhere central lately you would have realised that Fashion Week is coming. It's starting this very morning in fact and we currently have a wonderfully eager team of writers and photographers ready to cover all the shows.

Whilst they are setting themselves up for a very busy few days why not check out what Ralf Lauren has been doing over the pond at New York Fashion Week?

To mark Ralph Lauren Corporation's first Polo flagship store at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York City, celebrity guests including Ben Stiller, Kendall Jenner, Ciara & Anna Wintour attended the world's first 4D fashion show.

Held in Central Park, Ralph Lauren’s new Polo line for women presented its Spring ’15 collection during New York Fashion Week in a revolutionary runway event: a water-screen projection that towered above Manhattan’s Central Park, fusing fashion, art and technology.

Hundreds of spectators, including celebrities, famous runway faces and fashion editors, gathered on the Cherry Hill lawn on the west side of the park for a sensory experience that uses innovative technology that could forever change the landscape for a fashion show.

Ralph Lauren Polo models – appearing like beautiful mirages using four-story-tall holographic effects – wore outfits embracing the eclectic spirit of the brand, mixing the edge of New York and Paris, and the sunset colours and patterns of the Adirondacks.

The event celebrates the first Ralph Lauren Polo flagship at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Spanning nearly 38,000 square feet over three floors, the new Polo flagship is the first store to unveil the complete new world of Polo for women, and the first store to showcase women’s Polo alongside the Polo men’s collection. The new store also introduces Ralph Lauren’s first-ever coffee shop, Ralph’s Coffee.

This store will be one of many Polo stores planned to open worldwide in the coming years, in line with Ralph Lauren’s strategic pipeline of new stores.