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Just as your choice of winter coat can say a lot about your personality and lifestyle, your taste in home decor can also reveal plenty about who you are.

So whether you are the kind of person who embraces modernism with metal bed frames, or prefer the cosy stylings of Scandi chic, here are a few interior design trends that have a personality all of their own.

Fun bohemian eclecticism

If you’re looking to embrace your inner boho, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be taking tips from trendy interior design blogs like Sfgirlbythebay.

With a carefree approach to home decor, your home will be dotted with macrame plant hangers, kilim rugs, and plenty of Moroccan ornaments like terracotta pots.

But with some smart storage solutions and some stylish clean white walls to provide a nice counterpoint, it’s a look that can be implemented into any home.

Cosy Scandinavian charm

For those who are keen to make their home a cosy place for the winter months, then there’s a chance that they will be taking notes from the hugely popular hygge trend.

With lots of tactile soft furnishings, calming and neutral colours schemes, and plenty of designer wooden furniture, it’s a look that’s contemporary yet endlessly stylish.

And don’t forget to use plenty of scented candles for the ultimate in Scandi chic!

Brutalist contemporary styles

However, some people will be keen to embrace the brutalist decor trend that’s been making plenty of progress everywhere from coffee shops to our bedrooms.

And it’s a look that can be accomplished with the bare minimum ingredients. With some bare brick walls, a few filament light bulbs, and a decent metal bed from Bedstar, you should have all you need to imagine that you are living in a stylish Manhattan loft.

Retro mid-century modern chic

Ever since Mad Men appeared on our TV screens, many people have sought to embrace the retro charm of the mid-century modern style.

This encourages us to paint our walls unusual colours like yellow gold and olive green, and no mid-century modern home would be complete without a coffee bean table and an egg chair for that retro Austin Powers touch.

And whether you match this with a vintage metal bed frame or even a nice Pop Art poster, it’s a look that’s sure to make a statement.


Out there in the big wide world of London it's Cocktail Week... an inside? Well it can be cocktail week too can it not?

Here's your chance to up your cocktail game with no less than three truly inspired new cocktails (and their recipes) from Alf de Portillio, Head Bartender at the Natural Philosopher [based in Hackney].

London Cocktail Week is the time to tantalise the taste buds with special edition cocktails from Vita Coco. Cocktail maestro extraordinaire, Alf de Portillo, Head Bartender at The Natural Philosopher in Hackney has curated three original cocktails using Vita Coco’s ‘Pure’ coconut water: Thrilla in Manilla, Naariyal Hi Ball and Torcida Sour mocktail.

Featuring a suave mix of classic flavours, with an added coconut twist, these three drinks provide the best of both worlds!  Using a combination of familiar and unusual ingredients, including peanut butter and Cherry Heering, these dynamic flavours pair perfectly with Vita Coco’s coconut water, for a delightful taste of the beach!

The first drink on the menu, Thrilla in Manila features dry gin as a base, with familiar additions of orange bitters and Patis de Marseille, along with uplifting notes of coconut from Vita Coco’s coconut water. The second drink, coined Naariyal Hi Ball, is a mix of Zacapa and Vita Coco coconut water, fragrant peanut butter and angostura bitters. The final mocktail, Torcida Sour, is an alternative for those preferring an alcohol-free option, using Vita Coco’s coconut water as a base. It also features a hint of peach, similar to Vita Coco’s own Peach and Mango flavoured coconut water!

The bartenders at The Natural Philosopher will be serving Alf’s original, Vita Coco cocktails and mocktail for the whole of London Cocktail Week (2nd– 8th October 2017), so why not head down to Hackney to get a taste of the beach next week?

Make Alf de Portillo’s Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes at Home

Thrilla in Manila



50 ml Vita Coco water

35 ml Tanqueray London Dry

10 ml Pastis de Marseille

2 dash Orange Bitters


Nick & Nora





STIR the ingredients on a mixing glass. STRAIN contents into a chilled glass. Garnish with Floating Star Anise. Straight up

Naariyal Hi Ball


50 ml Vita Coco water

40 ml Zacapa 23

10 ml Peanut butter fat washed Cherry Heering

2 dash Angostura Bitters


Hi Ball







BUILD the ingredients directly on the glass. ADD a block of ice. Garnish with Cherry and Ice block


Torcida Sour (non-alcoholic)


75 ml Vita Coco water

10 ml Sugar Syrup

20 ml Lemon Juice

2 dash Peach Bitters

20 ml Egg Whites


Sour Glass





DRY SHAKE and SHAKE and STRAIN into a glass Garnish with Grana Padano - sprinkled

Straight up


Vita Coco Natural Coconut Water is available from a selection of retailers, including Waitrose, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Amazon.