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Living in London definitely has its advantages. However, its houses and apartments aren’t exactly known for their cosy charm. Living in a city can be tough when you prefer a more rural home. However, did you know there are ways to add a cosy, rural feel to your London property?

Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to make your London home feel more like a rural retreat.

Layer up your fabrics

When it comes to creating a cosy country home feel, fabrics are a great tool to use. Country homes are all about warmth, so you’re going to want to make sure you not only have multiple types of fabrics, but that you layer them up correctly too.

A great tip is to invest in a mixture of wooden and fabric furniture. Adding a velvet chair from a respected company such as Cox & Cox, can add a real warm feel to the room. You can also add faux fur rugs, thick woollen throws and velvety cushions.

Focus on wooden furniture and flooring

Rural homes tend to use a lot of wooden furniture and flooring. So, if you have the budget it’s worth investing in either an engineered or a solid wood floor. Alternatively, you could opt for a wood-effect vinyl floor which would provide the aesthetics of wood but it’s much more affordable than the real thing.

You’ll also want to focus on adding wooden elements to the kitchen. If you don’t have the budget to invest in wooden surfaces, you can always just opt for reclaimed wooden stools instead.

Paint the home a warm shade

While neutral colour schemes can add elegance and brighten up the room, a warm shade will help to create a cosier setting. Painting the room doesn’t cost a lot, but it can make a dramatic difference to how it looks. Think warm reds, pastel pinks, bright yellows and purple for the cosiest feel in the room.

Make use of candles

Another small yet effective way to add a rural effect into your London property is to use candles. There’s something about candles that adds a cosy, comforting feel to the room. If you use scented candles, you’ll also get the benefits of luscious scents, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

It’s really not that difficult to turn your city apartment into a cosy rural retreat. The above is some of the best tips you can follow. If you incorporate each tip into the home, you’ll notice a dramatic difference to how it feels. Even just following one of the tips will help you to make a significant difference.

Want to give your home a trendy makeover? Adding accent colours to a room is a great way to alter its ambience without spending a fortune. By adding little splashes of colour, it helps to enhance the look of existing colour schemes, giving the room a more modern, stylish feel.

If you’re new to accent colours don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to use them throughout the home. To help, below you’ll discover some top tips for adding accent colours to a room.

Choosing the best accent colour

In order to make sure the accent colour effectively enhances the room, you’re going to need to choose the colour wisely. The key thing to remember is that the accent colour should complement your existing colour scheme. You’ll typically find bright colours work best as an accent colour and they give you the opportunity to really experiment with colours you wouldn’t feel comfortable using in large quantities. Think purples, reds and yellows.

Take your time to find the best complementing accent colour which will fit in perfectly with your existing colour scheme.

Adding colour with fabrics

There are many ways to add accent colours to a room and fabrics are one of the best. Say you’re going with a red accent colour. You can use rugs, throws and cushions to add a splash of colour to the room. You could also use red curtains from a high-quality supplier such as Direct Blinds.

Fabrics are inexpensive, yet they have the power to really enhance the look of a room; especially if you use strong accent colours.

Other great ways to add accent colours to a room

As well as using fabrics and paint, there are lots of other ways to add accent colours to a room. For example, you could use flowers to add a subtle accent colour. A fresh bouquet on the kitchen table will add pops of colour, while also adding a beautiful scent into the room too. You could also use artificial flowers for the same effect.

Artwork can also help to add colour to the room. As well as adding a splash of colour, they also help to bring your personality into the room. You’ll find a huge choice of different artworks out there, so you should easily find something to complement your existing colour scheme.

Overall, adding accent colours into the room isn’t as difficult as you might think. The above is some of the best ways to do it without spending a fortune. The key is to focus on adding little splashes of colour that complement your interior design. You can use fabrics, artwork, paint, flowers and accessories to achieve the desired effect.

Without a doubt trees add something a little special to a home. A nice tree provides an impressive focal point that only gets better as the years pass. Plus, of course they are also good for the environment, your health and the value of your home.

If you have enough space, it really makes sense to turn to a firm like The Tree Center to find one to plant. But, before you do so, it is important to do a little research. If you do not do so, it is all too easy to make the wrong choice. You do not want to end up with a tree that becomes a problem a decade or so down the line.

Here is an overview of the main things you need to consider when buying a tree for your property.

Local rules and regulations

In some parts of the country, the planting of certain types or sizes of trees is prohibited or restricted. So you need to find out what the rules are where you live and comply with them. The last thing you need is the expense of taking down and removing a large tree when your local council suddenly starts applying the law.

Your neighbours

It is also wise to think about how the trees are going to affect neighbouring properties. Just because you can plant trees that will grow to 50ft or more at the end of your garden does not mean that you should just do so. If they block your neighbours light you could still end up in court. Having a protracted argument with your neighbour is never pleasant. So, it is best to think things through and be considerate when choosing which trees you will plant.

The look of the trees at maturity

You also need to understand how big the tree will grow to and how it will look once mature. This will ensure that you do not choose a tree that becomes too big for your garden. If you do not do this the tree trunk could end up partially blocking your driveway or pressing up against your shed.

The tree’s root system

It is also important to take account of what is happening beneath the ground. Most trees have massive root systems that reach out far beyond the canopy. You need to take account of this. If you do not do so, you can easily end up planting a tree whose roots spread into the foundations of outbuildings, even your home.

The cost of maintaining your trees

All trees need some form of maintenance, some more than others. You need to understand what work has to be done, how often it needs doing and how much it is likely to cost. If a mature tree needs cutting you will have little choice but to hire a professional tree surgeon to do the work for you. Doing it yourself could be dangerous. If something were to go wrong the chances are your insurance would not cover you for any injuries or damage caused.

The received wisdom is that you should update your home every three to four years to ensure that you stay on top of contemporary design and tech trends. If your home is due a makeover, in this post we take you through some of the upgrades you might want to consider in 2019.


The kitchen is the hub of the home, where your food is made, friends are entertained and families gather to eat. For nearly a decade, all-white kitchens have dominated the scene; however, in 2019 this fad is set to fade out in favour of darker colour themes, incorporating moodier tones and deeper shades of wood.

Also making an arrival in the kitchen in 2019 is smart technology. An example of this is the interactive fridge. The clever appliances feature everything from internal cameras to Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to remain in complete control of your fridge whether you’re in the next room or stuck in traffic on the way home from work. Technologically advanced Fisher & Paykel dishwashers, meanwhile, feature intelligent wash cycles to help you significantly increase the energy efficiency in your home.

Living Spaces

Not since the 70s has velvet been a major part of our lives; however, 2019 is the year when this luxurious material makes its return – both to the catwalk and the home. Thanks to recent advancements in the way that velvet is made, the vintage fabric is now softer than ever, as well as far more robust and much less likely to stain. If you’re not completely sold on velvet, throws and cushion covers are the perfect way to get started.

The trend for tropical themed living spaces is set to grow in 2019, much like the plants depicted in this nature-inspired style. The design can be a bit full on for some tastes, but you can incorporate elements of it into your living space with tropical-themed accessories, such as rugs, prints and plants.


While many other areas of the home are getting busier next year, minimalism is the order of the day for bedrooms in 2019.

Bare bulbs, in place of fancy lighting fixtures, will be in vogue, particularly those that incorporate dashes of brass, copper and pewter. Meanwhile stripped back wooden furniture and matte black electrical appliances will help to create a sense of space in even small bedrooms.


Bathrooms will be all about textures in 2019, as practicality is fused with high design. Art deco and modernism will be particularly in favour, incorporating bold printed tiles as well as patterned glass ones. You might also want to consider upgrading your chrome taps and showerheads to vintage brassware alternatives. Meanwhile, a wet room can be brought up to speed with current trends with the addition of a ceramic shower tray featuring nature-, heritage- and geometry-inspired styles.

Although the designs of bathrooms in 2019 may hark back to days gone by, the spaces will incorporate the increasing trend of home technology. Upgrade your current mirrored wall cabinets to Bluetooth enabled ones with speakers, and switch your traditional lighting for touch sensor alternatives.

Just as your choice of winter coat can say a lot about your personality and lifestyle, your taste in home decor can also reveal plenty about who you are.

So whether you are the kind of person who embraces modernism with metal bed frames, or prefer the cosy stylings of Scandi chic, here are a few interior design trends that have a personality all of their own.

Fun bohemian eclecticism

If you’re looking to embrace your inner boho, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be taking tips from trendy interior design blogs like Sfgirlbythebay.

With a carefree approach to home decor, your home will be dotted with macrame plant hangers, kilim rugs, and plenty of Moroccan ornaments like terracotta pots.

But with some smart storage solutions and some stylish clean white walls to provide a nice counterpoint, it’s a look that can be implemented into any home.

Cosy Scandinavian charm

For those who are keen to make their home a cosy place for the winter months, then there’s a chance that they will be taking notes from the hugely popular hygge trend.

With lots of tactile soft furnishings, calming and neutral colours schemes, and plenty of designer wooden furniture, it’s a look that’s contemporary yet endlessly stylish.

And don’t forget to use plenty of scented candles for the ultimate in Scandi chic!

Brutalist contemporary styles

However, some people will be keen to embrace the brutalist decor trend that’s been making plenty of progress everywhere from coffee shops to our bedrooms.

And it’s a look that can be accomplished with the bare minimum ingredients. With some bare brick walls, a few filament light bulbs, and a decent metal bed from Bedstar, you should have all you need to imagine that you are living in a stylish Manhattan loft.

Retro mid-century modern chic

Ever since Mad Men appeared on our TV screens, many people have sought to embrace the retro charm of the mid-century modern style.

This encourages us to paint our walls unusual colours like yellow gold and olive green, and no mid-century modern home would be complete without a coffee bean table and an egg chair for that retro Austin Powers touch.

And whether you match this with a vintage metal bed frame or even a nice Pop Art poster, it’s a look that’s sure to make a statement.