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We're missing the summer flowers! It feels like under this snow we'll never see them again! Luckily the shops are in our favour and we can grab some blooms for indoors. A bouquet of roses, tulips are all about at the moment and if the snow has dampened your daffs luckily they are only a couple of pounds a pop in Asda at the moment!

If you're looking for something a little different to brighten up your home it might be worth having a look at a new trendy alternative - foliage.

There are a huge selection of leaves on offer at florists originally intended to act as backing for a wide range of blooms however we suggest you look at the leaf as the center point of your bouquet.

It's a little cheaper, it will last longer and you can brighten up your home with some spring summer green.

This bouquet pictured has been put together by floral specialists Hayford & Rhodes and includes Salal, Berried Ivy, White Leaf, Senecio, Eucalyptus and Mind-Your-Own-Business Pot plants attached to sticks.


On 3rd May 2017 The Hepatitis C Trust’s Art on a Postcard launches their crowdfunding campaign for their latest project, Art on a Ukulele.

(Adam Crosland Plectrums)

Art on a Ukulele is inspired by Mick Rooney RA’s beautifully painted ukulele from the 2016 RA Summer Exhibition, together they will be curating an orchestra of ukuleles, all painted by well known and loved artists. Crowdfunding Campaign – Art on a Plectrum In order to cover the costs of the project, they are aiming to raise £6000 via Phundee.

Those who fund will have the chance to win plectrums by Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Hayden Kays, Shuby, Pam Glew and Sara Pope or perform with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, or enjoy the concert from the comfort of the mezzanine floor at the Jazz Café over a champagne dinner for two.

(Pam Glew Plectrums)

Gemma Peppé, Director of Art on a Postcard says, “This is so much more than a fundraiser for The Hepatitis C Trust, it’s a way to connect with an audience who we would never normally be able to reach. Music and Art are powerful awareness raising tools. A project like this has more impact than thousands of leaflets or an expensive advert. We aim to enrich your soul and educate as many people in the process as possible.”

Watch Mick Rooney RA introduce the project here:

Mick Rooney Introduces Art on a Ukulele from Art on a Postcard on Vimeo.

The Concert & Auction

Pete Howlett, the UK’s foremost independent ukulele producer and the sole manufacturer for the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB) has created a suite of boat paddle ukulele’s in Churchstoke Alder and we have a further 22 Kala ukuleles. Each ukulele will be adorned by artists including Mick Rooney RA, Ramiro Fernandez Suas, Cathy Pilkingon RA, Norman Ackroyd RA, Bill Jacklin RA, Allen Jones RA, Charlie Calder-Potts, David Inshaw and many more.

The instruments will be showcased at a charity performance with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at The Jazz Café and hosted by Channel 4’s Jon Snow on 12th September 2017, followed by an auction for each ukulele – date TBC. The money raised will go to The Hepatitis C Trust. The Hepatitis C Trust is the UK’s national charity for people living with hepatitis C. It is working towards eliminating hepatitis C in the UK by 2030 and therefore closing its doors. In 2015 The Trust’s campaigning led to the Scottish Government committing to a program of elimination. In 2016 the Trust’s parliamentary team are have successfully lobbied Westminster to also commit and Charles Gore, the Trust’s CEO has led a campaign which has culminated in the World Health Assembly committing to the programme of elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030. The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are very excited about being involved in the project and will joined by special guests TBC on the 12 at The Jazz Café. Tickets for the concert will be £35.00

(Main Featured Image - Emma Russel Plectrums)

Walk tall. Flex your muscles. Talk in a deep voice. Do you feel like a real man now?

Wellcome Collection’s next late night event on 7 April will be wrestling with emotions and exploring the complex science of masculinity. Artists and experts will sit alongside drag kings and choirs to challenge every assumption about what it means to be macho, from the celebratory to the damaging.

Event highlights include:

  • BROMANCE, a rolling drag king cabaret curated by Milk Presents, with live performance from LoUiS CYfer, The Great White Males, and many more special guests. Visitors can create their own king persona with costumes, packing materials, make-up and expert advice on tap throughout the night.
  • Real Men Used to Cry: an expert talk busting the myths about men and emotion, tracing the history of male mental distress and challenging the dominant depictions of masculinity.
  • Talks from the Domestic Violence Intervention Project and the GREAT Men Initiative, two organisations seeking to tackle negative and damaging manifestations of masculinity in our society.
  • Pop-up choir performances by Chaps Choir and barbershop group Capital Chorus, artist-led making activities and interactive games inspired by real testosterone research.
  • A long table discussion on why femininity in a male body can be so threatening and an interactive experience from Wellcome Collection’s youth programme, RawMinds, created in collaboration with award-winning theatre company non zero one.

This is a special late-night event and the bar will be open all night. The majority of activities are drop-in but some talks and activities require booking. Online booking will be available from 11.00 on Friday 31 March.

Macho? will take place on Friday 7 March 2017, 19.00-23.00 at Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road, NW1 2BE.

It's a difficult time for everyone trying to make it on their own two feet in any sort of business at the moment. The market in every direction is flooded. You have to stand out.

But one area that's certainly having a very tough time (more so than it already was) is start up artists and designers.

How do you get your work seen and get fans, traction as an artist? In an age where almost everything visual is expected to be given away free online it's pretty tough to get out there without risking your work being knicked or used in ways you are not happy about.

I remember working with photographers who had seen their pictures on T-Shirts in Camden Market, also people who had sent artwork and ideas to large brands only to hear nothing, yet see their ideas play out on those brands shelves months later. Just recently a really cool custom pin/badge creator found their designs being sold under a different name by a large brand. This is not cool.

You HAVE to get your work out there. That's obvious. And you HAVE to put some trust in the people out there not to steal or rip off your idea. You won't get anywhere if you keep all your thoughts and creations hidden away on your hard drive.

And sadly you HAVE to be prepared for the potential of your work being used/copied.

So the logical step is to speak out, shame the people (so long as you are sure of course) that steal or rip off your work. Promote them to your following if you find them - get it out there and talk about it.

And brands and companies that are guilty - think about it - would you not rather collaborate and work with these talented people rather than be underhand? How much further it could go if you worked together and could use the source of the creativity rather than a copy?

We have a project in the making that will aim to help tackle this problem for the creative start ups and artists coming up the ladder.

Stay tuned!

In the mean time this is a great podcast from Artsy that takes a look at some of these problems in more depth :


secret-garden-party-picIt's always a big one - we've had space, we've had under the sea and now we're going current age with VIPs.

Secret Garden Party organisers plan on holding the biggest VIP –LOL-Off ever, (we all VIPs) as theme for 15th edition 2017 is announced……SWEET DREAMS.  Are made of these? And who are we to disagree…

Fame, celebrity, a media that obsesses over both and huge business that sells us access to, and relics of, them: the one thing that’s clear is we have ourselves a new religion…  of sorts. But this is a doctrine that offers us a troubling vision of Heaven on Earth; a room, full of our idols, guarded behind doors, with a strict entry criteria…

So, in this Strictly X Factor Love Island I’m a Kardashian #get-me-out-of-here social, instant, online world; what should we do?  How much do we embrace this idea of the universal right to fame and, if we do, should we all start immediately baking, blogging, dancing, cooking, singing and redecorating our little hearts out, to get 'there’?  You know that place down the red carpet and behind the velvet rope…

Well this summer the Secret Garden Party invites you to join it ‘there’ and finally find out if it’s anywhere we want to be.

In the tradition of the bacchanals, we will satiate this worldly distraction to the point we can break free from it - to finally gain a true perspective.  And in doing so, set a new, true precedent. So we’re donning our finest threads and polishing up like never before for the biggest VIP LOL-off you’ve ever seen. Where everyone likes / follows / adores you, the bouncers all know your name and the Sweet Dreams are made by You…

Also - calling all London artistic types - Art Applications are now open:

SGP is calling out for next year’s creative wonders. Since launching the Grants Programme in the Garden, there’s been an explosion of creative work adorning the site with imaginative installations year on year.  Now SGP is on the hunt for the new and spectacular, theme-inspired pieces for 2017. Artists, Designers & the wildly creative, be a part of this credible arts collective. With commissions, grants and development funds available contact: