Carl Hopgood’s Living Truthfully In Imaginary Situations

Hidden away between the red arches of King Cross, Minnie Weisz Studio or as it has more recently been dubbed ‘The Last Studio Before Paris’ is a rare microcosm for the fine art fanatic.

The photographer Minnie Weisz is currently presenting a collection of Carl Hopgood’s lastest ‘film sculptures’, the exhibition Living Truthfully In Imaginary Situations, an exhibition of film, digital media, sculpture photography and installation which reference symbols of popular culture, childhood and the grit and glitz of everyday life.

The artist Carl Hopgood, a graduate of Goldsmiths College of Art, has shown extensively and internationally. Since 1994 he has shown in London, New York, Australia, Germany and Italy with a collection from Hopgood’s previous show Disposable Desire currently on permanent display at the Groucho Club London as part of their private collection.

For those of you who enjoy art that encounters and exhumes the hyperreal these small and intimate installations animate experiences in childhood. ‘Pool Piece’ explores the momento mori (the act of remembering ones mortality). The sound and projection reconstruct the artist’s near death experience, when at a young age he nearly drowned in a shallow paddling pool. The use of moving image, sculpture and sound construct timeless filmatic experiences. These surreal heterotopias are a reflection of past realities, they seem timeless as if they are moments stolen from someone else’s memories. ‘Can Can Dancers’ (sprayed aluminum cans with film projection) depict dancers performing, their existence is simultaneously perpetual and transcendent as if they are tramped and immortal like genies. Hopgood believes he “turns something that is kind of like stone into something living”.

Take a sneak peek at what’s in store here and keep up to date with upcoming shows at Minnie Weisz Studios by clicking here.

Living Truthfully In Imaginary Situations is showing until 20th October at Minnie Weisz Studio, 123 St Pancras RD Kings cross London NW1 1UN

Words: Paula May Evans