As we are led into the 4th week of Bugzy Malone's 6-week-visual-mixtape, we are given an even deeper insight into the struggles behind this rapper's expression through music. Bugzy once again takes to the mike to not only rap, but sing - and we see a new found vulnerability in his complex character.

Touching, engaging and addictive, we can't wait for next week. If you like what you're hearing you can download the full mixtape now from Bugzy's website, or the link below.

The tape’s production is kept suitably varied, ranging from classic hip hop and R&B, to more modern Grime-esque 808 driven beats - overseen by young starlet producer Ali Karim.

 Bugzy has linked with filmmaker and graphic designer Mute, pushing boundaries in order to truly portray the ‘evil’ darkness of his story.  From January 27th, six soap opera-esque videos will be released weekly; a mini-horror movie that follows the Evil Genius on a mission of revenge.

 Download the mixtape and buy T Shirts from