In the early 1950s egg waffles first appeared in Hong Kong to avoid wasting broken eggs that could not be sold to customers; industrious stall-owners created an egg-shaped iron machine and blended the broken eggs with milk and flour to make this meaningful and tasty waffle. It has since become a popular street snack in Hong Kong and now London with the opening of Bubblewrap on Chinatown’s Wardour Street.

This March will see the opening of what started as an Imperial College Business School MSC Innovation project. Despite three rejected site offers, three sites falling through, nearly two years of trading on weekend markets across London and catering for three festivals Tony Fang is finally seeing Bubblewrap, the egg waffle company, in its first permanent home.

Example flavours: Classic Waffle with Peach, Pistachio and White Chocolate, Cocoa Waffle with Berries, Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate and Hong Kong favourite Matcha Waffle with Mochi and Red Bean.

Soft Launch Offer:
Bubblewrap will offer 2-4-1 on their Bubblewrap for the first fortnight of opening.