BrooklynBowl_RG002Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 is open as of today after a launch last night that saw Ellie Goulding, Cara Delivigne and more sample its wares.

And these wares by no means stop at bowling, there's live sport, a dance floor that will be easily used as a rollar disco, a great stage for live music, food and drink and of course the bowling alleys.

WJ went down and managed to grab a little time on one of the alleys - where your shoes are brought to you I might add - no sticking your shoes in gross lockers - and had a few nibbles and drinks which didn't really help our bowling skills at all.

Brooklyn Bowl has already won many fans in NYC as a nightlife destination and we are loving the kind of vibe it brings, merging many things together so you can have one awesome night of funness.

The O2 Brooklyn Bowl is an 800-capacity concert venue, features 12 lanes of bowling -three of which are elevated in a private party area with its own bar - the grand opening last night saw  the entire venue taken over to offer people a little of what's to come from the new London venue with the Brooklyn Nets playing the Atlanta Hawks.

The main event in the dining area however were the chicken wings, a wonderful blend of southern fried chicken with what we guesses was some five spice added and a drizzle of maple syrup. We'll be coming back for these alone.

Bowling lanes are close to one another with large sofas for lounging while waiting for your turn and from wherever you are in the venue - except the dinging area - you can see pretty much everything that's going on creating a sort of carnival, funfare feel.

We are fans already and will be organising bowling re-matches soon, we suggest you go check it our ASAP.