Puddings at K10

We've all done it, tried the odd looking pancake that has custard in the middle of it at a Yo Sushi or similar, and been a bit disappointed. We've also all looked at those round chocolate like things and pink things at some point or another and decided to try them, only to find out they don't taste of a whole lot.

Now I know that these two puddings, or deserts if you rather, are customary of the eating establishment and country traditions when sat in a Sushi restaurant but I've never warmed to them. For this reason I generally, along with most people I know, steer clear of a pudding off a conveyor belt.

That is until last night when we visited the new K10 in Broadgate. The puddings off this conveyor are amazing. All served in large or small glasses and all layered perfectly- these puddings are a must try.

There are a good few to choose from too - no ones scrimping on options here. A creme brulee that has a little hint of aniseed - seems odd but works so well, a tangy mango and coconut sort of mouse come panna cotta which is to die for, and a layered chocolate moose that's pretty heavenly too. We didn't even try the whole selection and we've not even mentioned the mini Eaton Mess!

After testing out these three we would confirm that if walking past we would certainly pop in for a pudding alone. That said, the accompanying sushi on the belt is great too, but more on that in our Hotspot section.