This may be one of the strangest things we've come across in a while. Sure we've all seen the bright images of burgers and fries above McDonalds counters but we never really thought about someone actually setting them up and shooting them.

Luckily now we can not only think about it but see it in action too!

The great thing is that the video came about from a Canadian customer who wrote into MacDonalds to ask, “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?”

(This is a really making us want a cheeseburger btw)

In response McDonalds filmed an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a photoshoot, hosted by Hope Bagozzi, Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada. Pretty cool really.

Dear Maccy D's I would like to know why you relaunched your Chicken Nuggets with the tagline, 'Now with real chicken', what was it before?

We are huge McDonalds fans so we can't talk but somehow when she called that burger a beauty, her eyes are saying something else.