Baileys Feaster Egg Hunt is an extraordinary adult-only immersive theatrical adventure and Easter egg hunt - a unique personal journey to find the ultimate Easter egg indulgence.

The world-first immersive theatre performance and dining experience will unfold across five floors of a live Harvey Nichols department store on Saturday 19th April.

It will see the 21st century setting of the Knightsbridge space transported back in time, to the graceful elegance and artistry of the 18th century Rococo movement.

Known for its eccentricity and lavishness, the audience will be immersed into a witty and playful world where they will join, follow and interact with a stellar cast, each on their own beguiling search for a Baileys Chocolat Luxe Easter Egg.

The original production by the critically acclaimed Theatre Souk collaborators, The salon:collective, will be a monument to the golden age of the Châteaux de Versailles and Marie Antoinette, with royalty, subjects and courtiers on their own individual journeys to find the luxurious egg.

Baileys take on the immersive theatre phenomenon will be the first time a theatre performance has taken place concurrently whilst members of the public will be doing their Saturday shopping.

The curtain falls on the production as the audience finds their objet d'art - the Baileys Chocolat Luxe Easter Egg, a luxury, adult-only chocolate version of egg and soldiers created by master chocolatier Lucie Bennett.

The limited edition hand painted luxury Belgian chocolate hen-sized egg has a creamy Baileys Chocolat Luxe ganache core, mirroring the yoke of a soft-boiled egg. It will be served as a ritual with toasted chocolate brioche soldiers and a serve of Baileys Chocolat Luxe for those that find all the clues.

By finding the egg, the audience will also unlock a six-course feast created by the Chiappa Sisters.

Baileys Feaster Egg Hunt will be open to the public for one day only on Saturday 19th April; with a limited number of pre-booked tickets for £25 will be available. For more information visit:

The ticket will include the immersive theatre experience, a six-course feast and the Baileys Chocolat Luxe Easter Egg.

Baileys Feaster Egg Hunt is open on Saturday 19th April only; entry is £25 theatre, food and drink included. For more information visit