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the roof at netil houseAre you a creative? Do you think you know a thing or two about what would improve London? What would make a great edition to a communal space? Well look no further because you are about to be tested.

Netil House has a row of commercial shop front studio spaces about to be offered out to lucky talented creatives.

Creative Network Partners are behind this as well as East London’s creative community. They have over 150 creative studios across two sites - Hackney Downs Studios & Netil House

Now that they have successfully changed Hackney Downs Studios from a redundant printworks into a destination for the East London zeitgeist they are moving onto Amhurst Terrace opposite The Russet Cafe.

The shop fronts being made here will form a gateway to the site and be representative of the creatives housed within. The spaces will be full time retail and workshop units with Mondrian style glass patchwork frontages and perfectly suited to any businesses that require a public facing facility. The shop fronts open out onto the car park, which is gradually morphing into a courtyard/public square and is already a hub for the community within as a place where people can meet, relax and participate.

Creative Network Partners are now looking for proposals to fill the spaces, particularly the following: a hair salon, tattooists, artists materials store, bicycle shop, ticket & record shop, dressmakers, tailors, printshop.

Interested? Here is the nitty gritty

Shop fronts in detail

6 Units available or around 300 sqft, with enough space to put in some higher-level storage, and mezzanine displays.

High ceilings, loads of natural light. Unique raw warehouse style space.

Secure, ground floor access. 24 hour access and option to open later in the evenings.

SQFT is dictated by our client, we are building these spaces off plan; they can be as big or small as you want.

Suitable for anyone wanting a forward facing aspect to his or her business. These units could be workshop/studio space or full time retail.

Could be shared between businesses or standalone.


Starting from £1000 per month however CNP are working with clients on these spaces. PCM rates depend on individual requirements. Discounts are available to those wishing to take on building works but clear proposals would need to be seen.


12 months with a 6 months break, clause. CNP do not credit check.

Move In

At earliest October 2012, in time for Christmas trade.

Image : the roof at Netil House

Little Shao creates amazing photography with dancers. He also makes film, infact he does a few things.

Shao studied in Versailles and then Paris and after began Bboying for the NSC crew (Natural Style Crew). He began to get more and more into hip hop as the years went on and joined the association R.A.F as their official photographer in 2010.

His photographic inspiration comes from his father although his passions have always been in photography, graphic design, arts and graffiti.

Little Shao perfectly combines movement and photography in his images to make some of the most amazing forms.


Some new street art has popped up in Shoreditch in the form of a very large jellyfish.

The Jellyfish / octopus is by Flip and can be found Ebor Street. We particularly like the black cat sitting on the top of his head.

Flip is also known as Felipe Yung from South America who is part of the Famiglia Baglione and has been since 2006. Flip originally comes from Vila Mariana in São Paulo.

Not much has been seen of Flip since he exhibited at Pure Evil Gallery back in March last year but now we have this enormous addition to Ebor Street.

Keep an eye out for his mini character/tag pieces as well that can be seen around Brick Lane.

Flip ebury street shoreditchFlip ebury street shoreditch


Images: Street Art London

Famous Street Artists will be daubing wall in Grosvenor Gardens this August to pay homage to legendary Austrian artist, Klimt.  

Nine internationally-renowned street artists will be taking part in the free event and will be creating work in front of a live audience on 3m-squared plinths.

The event is to celebrate the 150th birthday of the Viennese artist and after the pieces have been finished in the great outdoors they will go on show in the nearby Lazarides Gallery in Soho in an exhibition entitled Klimt Illustrated.

The nine artists are :

Mode 2 : Mode 2 creates broad, sweeping pieces that generally center around the female form in warm, sunset colours.


Lucy McLauchlan : Lucy creates large scale paintings, murals and installations generally using black and white and geometric shapes and patters.

Lucy McLauchlan

Vhils : artist Vhils does large scale and small scale work often using collage and magazines to make up his imagery that centers around portraits.


Ron English: Ron English is quite a favourite of ours with bright, pop culture inspired work that includes everything from paintings to models and tea sets.


Christian Eisenberger : Christian makes his installation work out of a mix of building materials, natural products and junk.

building materials, natural products and junk.

Bastardilla : Bastardilla's work is very colourful and large, full of sweeping swathes of colour and also concentrated on the female form.


Know Hope : Know Hope creates awkward, skinny and hunched characters for his work that look like slightly sinister kiddies book illustrations.


Marlene Hausegger : Marlene makes fun work around cities and country sides with installations adding to the pieces of art that she creates.

Marlene Hausegger

giant shot put lands in kenningtonA giant new sculpture of a gold Shot Put has crash landed in the heart of Kennington much to the pleasure of passersby and local residents.

With the Olympics just a day away a number or weird and wonderful art installations, murals and sculptures have been popping up over London left right and centre but this is by far one of the most impactful.

The piece is part of the Wonder: Incredible Installations series commissioned by the Mayor of London and is apparently a gift from the God's who have thrown it down from the heavens for us Londoners to enjoy.

The sculpture can be found on the pedestrian island between Oval Tube and Kennington Park until 10th September.