Author: Faye Héran

Last Autumn we published The Head Banging Series - a high octane profile of models Lex and Daria thrashing it out in a dance off. On the same day we also shot a stunning model called Gemma Janes.

Photographer Leoni Blue and I fell in love with Gemma from the moment we saw her - a complete pin up of a girl - full lips, hips and charisma. Inspired by '70s colours mixed up with '50s styling, we shot her against the back drop of a run down warehouse space tucked away in Hackney Wick. As the shoot progresses Gemma fully comes in to her own - one moment smouldering in a bikini to thrashing it out on a sofa, ripping up flowers whilst still managing to look effortlessly chic.

We predict amazing things for Gemma.

About a girl. For all the girls.

Words: Faye Héran | Fashion Stylist and Creative Director | @epinettefiles

Photography: Leoni Blue
Styling & Creative Direction: Faye Héran
Hair: Carl Fisher
Make up: Rose Angus
Assistants: Alice Munteanu, Camilla Hunt, Erika Shiotsu, Natalie Howard
Model: Gemma Janes @ Profile Models
Location: The Hackney Cut, London

Fashion Credits:

Image 1 & 2
Bikini top - Charlotte Taylor
Bikini bottoms - Felder Felder
Sunglasses - Emmanuel Katsaros

Image 3 & 4
Head scarf - Emma Shipley
Dress - Claudia Ligari
Necklace, Bracelet & Earring on head scarf - Mawi

Image 5 & 6
Collar and dress - Bora Aksu
Necklace and ring - Mawi

Image 7 - 9
Top and Trousers - Won Hundred
Necklace - Maria Francesca Pepe
Earrings - Mawi
Shoes - Zoe Lee
Gloves - Beyond Retro

It is 6 'o clock in the morning and I am seated on the number 8 bus coated in glitter, wearing lycra and applying fluorescent pink lipstick. It is pitch black outside, and there is a lady seated next to me smiling in a knowing manner. All the clues point to no sleep and a great night of dancing. But then I get off the bus, and pop to the shop to pick up a banana and a bottle of water. The truth is, it is Wednesday, I have had plenty of sleep and I am heading to Oval Space - the land of Morning Glory London - for a 4 hour rave exercise class. Yep you heard it I just woke up and I am off for a rave.

I am a pretty active person but I am not particularly good at committing to early mornings or exercise classes to be frank. But Morning Glory has worked out my type - like curious kittens we need a bit of coaxing with fun shiny things. The event is a monthly gathering filled with happy people dancing to beats, smoothies, massages and DJ slots from acts such as the Mystery Jets and Rob da Bank. There is hula hooping, there is a large furry animal being thrown about the crowd and ultimately there is really good music - techno, disco, the usual classics.

When I arrive I find three of my friends wearing matching gem coated hats, one proclaiming - 'I was supposed to go in to work for 8.30am but I am going in for 10.00am'. Another friend, who was sick in bed, hopped on the tube from West London when she realised we had actually managed to make it there.

We dance, we laugh, we drink delicious smoothies. I get a bit over zealous and climb up on to an old cinema seat to take a picture - falling through it, leading to a giggling unicorn man having to ply me out - followed by a massive hug. My friends leave at around 9.00am but I decide to stay and explore and I am immediately pulled into a disco conga, whirled into the middle of the dance floor where I meet God (long story) and the ultimate raver - a toddler called Leo who is dressed like a zebra. His mother explains, 'I keep putting the protective head phones on him but he just pulls them off.' I respond, 'He would love festivals', she smiles knowingly, 'Oh he has already been to several.' Of course a toddler at a morning rave is going to be far cooler then me.

I stay to the bitter end, with the 'hardcore freelancer troupe' giggling, stretching and dancing furiously. When I finish I am all a glow calculating I have done a good 3 1/2 hours of dancing and could happily stay longer.

Exercise should be fun and Morning Glory is certainly the most exhilarating thing I have tried in a while, and I am sure it is set to be a huge fitness trend for 2014.

Morning Glory is held monthly in East London.

The next gathering takes place on Wednesday 26 February 2013 and tickets can be purchased via Brown Paper Tickets

Words: Faye Héran | Contributing Fashion Writer | @epinettefiles
Images: Carys Lavin | Photographer | @CarysMagieLavin


Aoise Tutty is a highly conceptual director, videographer and photographer who likes to document fashion in her own unique way. During London Fashion Week in September she filmed this wonderful video for WJ which explores the 'mood of the season.'

Wondering around the mammoth exhibition at Somerset House she recorded close up glimpses of the Spring / Summer 2014 collections - bold prints, textures, spikes of colours and materials are all seen flashing up against a dreamy soundtrack.

Designers captured include; Anne Sofie Madsen, E. Tautz, Felder Felder, Jena Theo, Lucas Nascimento, Simone Rocha and Zoe Jordan. However, tiny snippets of the garments are only ever focused on. A beautiful glimpse in to what lies ahead in fashion.

Film: Aoise Tutty | Photographer and Videographer | @92circles

Words: Faye Héran | Fashion Contributor | @epinettefiles

Music: Shocko

Autumn is officially here and to celebrate we captured two girls in a moment of delight for Who's Jack adorned in seasonal colours. Fashion Photographer Leoni Blue is all about capturing movement, personality and the energy of her subjects. And here we see two spirited models - Daria and Lex head banging and jumping, free of all senses, thrashing it out to an imaginary soundtrack.

We will be following up the shoot with a second instalment about another beautiful girl called Gemma. Keep your eyes peeled.

Words: Faye Héran | Fashion Stylist and Creative Director | @epinettefiles

Photography: Leoni Blue
Styling: Faye Héran
Hair: Carl Fisher
Make up: Rose Angus
Assistants: Alice Munteanu, Camilla Hunt, Erika Shiotsu, Natalie Howard
Models: Daria @ Profile Models, Lex @ First Model Management
Location: The Hackney Cut, London

Fashion Credits:

Daria wears:
Top - PPQ
Shorts - Georgia Hardinge

Lex wears:
Dress - PPQ
Headpiece - Mary Franck
Ribbon tie - VV Rouleaux


This is photographer Rosemary Pitts' first street style report for Who's Jack. She was out on the cobbled courtyard around Somerset House, which this season was not the most fruitful place to be considering the weather conditions. The energy captured in street style is usually dominated by the photographer's tastes and moods at that moment and this serving suggests that Rosemary was focused on all things '90s grunge inspired - dark, moody and messy, with a lashing of good humour.

From the man carrying a bejewelled cross, to the lady with a gem coated headpiece - dark clothing was mainly set off with flashes of sparkle or unbelieveable hair colours. Singer Paloma Faith made an appearance among the street stylers, cutely peering over her shoulder with her bright carrot top hair and a lovely nude sequin top and flower fascinator combination.

There were also a few 'art school geek' looks - hair all messy and unkept, seemingly dressed down but the metallic shirts and bold statement accessories were clear signs these guys had thought through their outfits when they rolled out of bed.

Whether your tastes adore or dislike these looks one thing is clear - even during a grim and drizzly season the fashion crowd are not afraid to don silly sunglasses, colour their hair as if it has been dipped in a rainbow and cheer us all up.

Words: Faye Heran | Fashion Week Editor | @epinettefiles

Images: Rosemary Pitts | Fashion Week Photographer | @rosemarypitts